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Does toothpaste help with cold sores?

A home remedy for cold sores, caused by the herpes virus, is to prepare a paste of toothpaste and salt and apply it to the cold sore! Apply the toothpaste daily until the cold sore disappears! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. b wiss Reply:

    i say fuck off

  2. Daria Reply:

    Cold sores are not simply a cosmetic embarrassment, they can be terribly painful. Do not use gel toothpaste for this step, as it does not have the same drying Place an ice cube on your cold sore prior to treatment to help numb the area and Source:

  3. Ashanti Reply:

    Just put the toothpaste on top of the cold sore like a mask. wonders to keep it moist (so it is less painful) and Abreva will help dry it as well.

  4. Celine Reply:

    Using toothpaste with salt and applying it directly onto the cold sore has been known to dry it up and heal within 2-3 days. Source:

  5. Ellen Reply:

    At first sign of the hold an ice cube to the spot for as long as you can stand it. Then dab with q-tip dipped in alcohol. The ice will help to numb the sore before it even starts and not allow the blister to form as the cold sore virus hate… Source:

  6. Cordie Reply:

    You already know that you need to avoid touching the area of your cold sore. Use a Q tip to apply lip glosses, lip sticks or lip balms to prevent further infection to the rest of your lips. Play up those beautiful eyes! People’s eyes will b… Source:

  7. Mica Reply:

    Are all cold sores herpes? Are there other kinds of mouth sores besides cold sores? If so, what are they? Are they herpes? How do you distinguish between the different kinds o

  8. Dena Reply:

    Toothpaste comes from a tube, so no!

  9. John Reply:

    Does honey help cold sores? honey may help your cold sores. Can tooth paste stop a sore tooth? No,it can't you have to visit dentist. Does chapstick help get rid

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