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How are cold sores prevented?

You can avoid cold sores by: avoiding contact w/sores of active herpes infection & not sharing drinking glasses/eating utensils! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kymberly Reply:

    How to Prevent Cold Sores. These painful and unsightly outbreaks often seem random, but if you've had one, they will appear again and again. 80% of people Source:

  2. Doretha Reply:

    Sunshine and the UVA/UVB exposure it brings is one very common trigger for cold sores. When you do head out, protect your face from the sun with full-spectrum sunscreen, and a hat or stay in the shade whenever possible. Extend the sun prote

  3. Cleta Reply:

    The herpes simplex virus, which is the culprit behind cold sores, is incurable and highly contagious. Fortunately, with proper care and prevention, the virus can remain dormant in the body. A dormant herpes virus may still be contagious and… Source:

  4. Tammara Reply:

    There are no absolute cures for cold sores. However, there are methods to help heal them faster or help prevent them altogether. One of the easiest home remedies in preventing cold sores is the use of ice. Creating a cold atmosphere for the… Source:

  5. Griselda Reply:

    In order to prevent cold sores you must know the history of the person you are kissing. A cold sore is a form of herpes which is not the same kind of herpes as genital herpes. Never the less, once you get herpes you will have breakouts. Loo… Source:

  6. Jae Reply:

    Are all cold sores herpes? Are there other kinds of mouth sores besides cold sores? If so, what are they? Are they herpes? How do you distinguish between the different kinds o

  7. Lakisha Reply:

    Many people experience the unpleasantness and trauma of cold sores every year with sometimes two or three outbreaks although many more is possible! Many people become infected initially during childhood through being kissed by an infected person! The virus lies dormant and fortunately, only about a third of those who are infected, develop cold sores in later years although around 8 in10 people carry the Herpes Simplex virus with them!You can get more tips at the source link below

  8. Asha Reply:

    The only way to prevent oral herpes is to avoid contact with infected persons. Several practices can reduce the occurrence of cold sores.Avoidance of sun

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