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How do I know if I have herpies?

The most common sign of herpes is red, sensitive skin that develops sores or blisters (often referred to as herpes bumps)!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jesenia Reply:

    How to Know if You Have Herpes. Doctors claim that one in four adults have herpes. Here's how to know if you've got it too. Source:

  2. Wynell Reply:

    The most common symptoms from having the herpes virus is the skin will become red and sensitive, then soon after bumps and blisters will start to appear. The blister will then open and heal.The first outbreak can also be accomanied by flu l

  3. Sadie Reply:

    herpys are what you get when you have unhealthy sex! Source:

  4. Princess Reply:

    a virus Source:

  5. Goldie Reply:

    herpyes are like very ichy. they look like a diesease like whenever you would lick your lips and well then it turns dry. well you can go to google type in what is a herpy? then on the top left corner, they is a word \"image\" click on it an… Source:

  6. Dinorah Reply:

    is it possible to contract herpies from drinking out of the who has herpies? What are the chances? She had an out break same shot glass as someone but it might of been medicat

  7. Arletta Reply:

    If you have not had oral or regular sex yet then I doubt that this is herpes! Genital herpes is usually passed on when youre given oral sex by some one that has cold sores or if you have regular sex with some one that has genital herpes!If you havent are not sexually active (have had sex) yet then this is most likely not herpes! It could be just a pimple, in grown hairs, boils, moles, pearly papules!The only for sure way to tell is if you have symptoms of herpes or if you get the bumps tested for herpes by your doctor!

  8. Stephany Reply:

    How would you know if you have genital herpes? If you don't have the outbreaks (you are asymptomatic), you would need to be tested to know for sure if you are

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