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How easy is it to spread herpes?

Almost 90 percent of Americans have the most common form of herpes at some time in their life, it is very easy to catch! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joi Reply:

    Herpes Type 1, commonly referred to as cold sores, is caused by the Herpes Herpes simplex 1 is a contagious virus that is easily spread from person to Source:

  2. Marcelene Reply:

    Genital herpes is a viral infection mainly affecting the skin on or around your genitals, which you can catch through having sex, including oral sex, with an infected person. Once infected with a genital herpes virus, it stays in your body

  3. Keena Reply:

    Herpes spreads through sexual contact when there is no condom being used. It’s spread through bodily fluids. You should always use a condom to avoid contracting and STD or unwanted pregnancy. Source:

  4. Porsche Reply:

    Herpes can be spread through any kind of skin to skin contact, such as sexual intercourse, oral sex, or even just rubbing the two bodies together. You do not want to come in contact with any active herpes sore. Source:

  5. Vennie Reply:

    Herpes can be spread very easily, so be careful. passing of bodily fluids is the main way herpes is passed between people. If your partner has herpes, and is having an outbreak, use protection. Source:

  6. Junie Reply:

    Can Herpes be spread by sharing a washing machine with someone who has herpes?

  7. Novella Reply:

    Youre not likely to get it from an object that some one with a cold sore just touched! Herpes doesnt last for more then seconds when its away from the body! You would have to touch a cold sore then with in seconds touch your own mouth! Its more likely to be spread by having skin contact like kissing some one while they have a visible cold sore!But you could have it all ready, cold sores are very common to have and some people can have them with out having break outs! People that have cold sores usually get them during child hood by being kissed by some one that has cold sores!Just dont kiss some one or let them kiss you on or around the mouth while they have a visible cold sore! Its less likely to be passed while there are no signs of a cold sore!

  8. Theda Reply:

    Shingles is different from genital herpes. Shingles is caused by having had chicken pox and the antibodies trigger shingles later in life. But it's still a result of the

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