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How long does it take it to go away?

Herpes blisters break, forming painful sores that crust and heal during several days! They become dormant and may recur again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Emeline Reply:

    How Long Does It Take for Ingrown Hairs to Go Away?. Ingrown hairs are caused by shaving and other hair removal methods. These bumps are usually Source:

  2. Kelsi Reply:

    I can’t say about the line. I never got one of those for some reason. Howeve, the stretch marks I had TONS of all over my stomach. Darkt purple. They did eventually fade to a silvery color. I don’t remember how long exactly it took. Maybe a

  3. Mariam Reply:

    To make hickies go away you can apply a really cold compress to it. You can take a toothbrush and rub it and the area around it. Try to conceal it with make-up. Source:

  4. Janene Reply:

    The most common way to make a headache go away is to take a pain reliever of some sort (tylenol, motrin, advil) according to what the bottle says. Having someone massage your hands can also help. Source:

  5. Lanell Reply:

    Although I personally have never been able to make bruises go away there are some things that make them less visible. Ice or ice water right after it happens can help. After about 2 days you can also try hot compresses to the area. Unfortun… Source:

  6. Trudi Reply:

    whats this song called by bob marleyA lalalala long long lee long long long?

  7. Marylouise Reply:

    Depends upon the sensitivity of the patient, the level of the effects of the medication, and the time it takes for the body to rid itself of the dosage!(I am not in the medical field, but I am sensitive to some prescription tranquilizers and caffeine, so I know that it varies by individual)!

  8. Phoebe Reply:

    If it just got clunked around a little, it will most likely take not too long to go away. However, if the eye was injured badly, it might take a week or two to fully recover

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