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Is mouth herpes deadly?

Oral herpes aren’t deadly, but it can be serious if the person who has the virus also has a weak immune system! for now! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Roselia Reply:

    people have developed antibodies to oral herpes by the time they are adults. Bell's palsy and, rarely, encephalitis, a potentially deadly infection by herpes of Source:

  2. Eleanor Reply:

    Herpes has never killed anyone and there are only 2 types, oral and genital. HIV if untreated will develop into AIDS and kill you. Which one sounds more deadly

  3. Lovella Reply:

    Herpes Simplex One or HSV1 is known as herpes of the mouth and it is either contracted by sex or by coming into contact with any other mucus membranes of someone who has this virus. There is no cure for herpes since it is caused by a virus;… Source:

  4. Corazon Reply:

    Herpes of the mouth or cold sores start out looking like little bumps on the surface of your lips. They then will progress into little pustules or blemish like sores that can take anywhere from a week to 2 weeks to heal completely. Source:

  5. Evan Reply:

    Mouth herpes looks different in different people. Some people you may not even know they have mouth herpes unless they tell you because they have no symptoms. And then in other people they may have a lot of puss like blisters in and out of … Source:

  6. Caroyln Reply:

    Can genital herpes be transmitted to then can that person spread somones mouth from contact and herpes from kissing somone else?

  7. Garnet Reply:

    this looks great ( the weird thing is today my health class learned about STDs) anyway you might also want to include that if a pregnant woman has genital herpes and give birth vaginally the baby will probably die within a few days!

  8. Christiane Reply:

    Is herpes deadly? Unless there are complications associated with the herpes, herpes is not deadly. Can you get genital herpes from oral herpes? The second

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