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Is there a cure for herpes?

No their currently is no cure for Herpes! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sybil Reply:

    There is no cure for herpes since it is caused by a virus; however, this article will teach you how to treat HSV1. Related Searches: Difficulty: Moderately Easy Source:

  2. Virgil Reply:

    There is currently no cure for herpes. It is treatable and manageable but there is no treatment to completely eradicate herpes.

  3. Gertie Reply:

    Herpes is one of those diseases that has been coined as incurable. That might be the case, but there are some steps to take that can at least alleviate the effects and make living with it a lot more comfortable. Because herpes is a viral in… Source:

  4. Julietta Reply:

    Herpes is a virus transmitted through contact with an infected party. It can be transmitted by skin to skin contact or by sexual intercourse. Herpes Type I is a very common virus, present in 100% of children under age 5 in some countries. H… Source:

  5. Thomasine Reply:

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes. The only difference between love and herpes, my friend, is that herpes last forever. So practice safe sex! Source:

  6. Apryl Reply:

    Back To Health Minerals” for herpes have anybody and it says if you it?does it cure herpes? i came across a website complete the 3 step you’ll be

  7. Ana Reply:

    Yes you can take Natures Sunshine VS-C for 6 months like the bottle says! Many many many people use this product for herpes and it works! This is not a hoax! This product helps your viral system to build its self up! GOOGLE VS-C and read testimonials! If I was trying to get you to spend money it wouldnt be on a 25$ product that you only need for 6 months straight! You still have it but you dont break out at all!You can also take 1 bottle over a months time of ASAP Collodial Silver that is 30 parts per million to boost results!The more healthy or alkaline your body is the more you will not break out!

  8. Evan Reply:

    No, there is no cure for herpes. The virus lives in your system for life. Might live there as a dormant (meaning sleeping) and can be triggered by cold, stress, poor

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