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What does herpes in the throat look like?

Herpes Labialis (oral Herpes Simplex) in the throat looks like a cold sore or red blisters! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ronald Reply:

    This disease affects the genitals in most patients, but it can also present in the mouth. Any form of Mouth HPV usually presents initially by red spots or redness in the mouth and throat. . Does Genital Herpes Look Like Herpes of the Mouth? Source:

  2. Hester Reply:

    Herpes Labialis (oral Herpes Simplex) in the throat looks like a cold sore or red blisters .

  3. Susana Reply:

    Herpes looks like a outbreak of blisters in the genital area. They are white or clear puss filled contagious blisters and can be mistaken for boils. Source:

  4. Vania Reply:

    The first breakout of genital herpes is usually the worse. It will show as blister like bumps in the genital area. They will be red and sore. Some may have white heads on the top of the blisters. Do not pop them or try to drain them. You ne… Source:

  5. Josefa Reply:

    The most obvious symptoms of herpes are most pronounced during the first outbreak, which usually occurs within 2 weeks after infection with the virus. These symptoms can include a cluster of small fluid-filled blisters and sores that will c… Source:

  6. Ingeborg Reply:

    If u have an STD like herpes in ur mouth & at the back of ur throat can u have nose bleeds from the herpes?

  7. Brittney Reply:

    it can be a cycle, cause if you give your bf herpes and then you give him head then youll get a different strain on the mouth/throat and then you could pass it back to him through kissing or if he goes down on you!

  8. Mickie Reply:

    What does a herpes sore look like? What does a sore throat look like? When your throat is sore usaully it looks like and irretated sometimes when you have a

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