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What does herpes look like and what does herpes feel like?

Herpes often looks like a mosquito bite or paper cut, sometimes a zit or a whitehead! Herpes sometimes starts with an itch and a rash! The skin can become red and tender! Then swelling may occur until small blisters appear! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Genniffer Reply:

    What do genital herpes look like and feel like also what does body herpes look like and feel like. Can you get herpes under your finger and toe nails.

  2. Elsa Reply:

    They are often accompanied by a feeling of burning or tingling in the area before the rash occurs. Does Genital Herpes Look Like Herpes of the Mouth? Source:

  3. Vernetta Reply:

    And also, to answer the question "What does Herpes look like? tingling" feeling in their mouths or genitals as the Herpes Virus travels up the ganglia (nerves)

  4. Veronica Reply:

    It depends on where you get the herpes to how it feels. If it is around your mouth it feels like a regular mouth blister would. If you have it on the skin or around your eye then it feels swollen and painful like a bruise. It will also itch… Source:

  5. Alfreda Reply:

    The first breakout of genital herpes is usually the worse. It will show as blister like bumps in the genital area. They will be red and sore. Some may have white heads on the top of the blisters. Do not pop them or try to drain them. You ne… Source:

  6. Norene Reply:

    The most obvious symptoms of herpes are most pronounced during the first outbreak, which usually occurs within 2 weeks after infection with the virus. These symptoms can include a cluster of small fluid-filled blisters and sores that will c… Source:

  7. Farrah Reply:

    Do oral herpes ever feel like mono? I have been paranoid lately? a sore in my mouth that I have herpes? But my biggest symptom is near my throat. It isn’t very visible but I c

  8. Harriett Reply:

    idk but please tell me who u r, u answerd my question and said u knew me, and since i cant stop thinkin about it?? send me a msg

  9. Luisa Reply:

    What does it feel like or look like if you have herpes? do a google search "herpes pictures". What do herpes outbreaks look like? it is simmilar to a blister. it will

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