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What is a blue pill that has

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  1. Elida Reply:

    The pill has a coating and is no bigger than 9 mm in circumference. 2. Hold the amphetamine in your hand. In pill form, amphetamines are round and blue with a Source:

  2. Antonietta Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Blue pill with imprint 35 an O250 is birth control tablet from a package of Ortho-Tri-Cyclen.

  3. Audry Reply:

    Blue usually is mescaline a hallucinogen derived from peyote cacti all x is cut half with MDMA or molly so it is half mescaline and half molly Source:

  4. Hedwig Reply:

    viagra Source:

  5. Kum Reply:

    It is reportedlya high grade mdma (unless it’s a copycat) pill, should weigh 300mg or 0.3g which is called a "tripple stack" because allegedly if pure a 100mg dose is a moderatly safe, first time user, dosage, 300mg being tripple that, i.e…. Source:

  6. Jessika Reply:

    Spiritually speaking if Morpheus offered you a blue pill or a you take and why? If there was a way red pill which pill would to really know the answers to life’s mysteries wou

  7. Tony Reply:

    Round blue coated tablet imprinted A~ is Ambien CR 12!5 mg (zolpidem tartrate extended release)! Ambien CR is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep!

  8. Winifred Reply:

    Drug compositions change depending on where they come from and who made them. A blue pill in one city can be completely different than a blue pill in

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