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Why do people get cold sores?

People that get cold sores are infected with the herpes simplex virus! Got it from close contact w/ someone who has it! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Stephaine Reply:

    Why Do People Get Cold Sores?. Cold sores are small and painful blisters that usually erupt around a person's lips, although they can show up on any part of Source:

  2. Sharyl Reply:

    Cold sores a usually caused by a virus and there really is no way to cure them. There are some medications that will help though. Look under cold sores in your local drugstore for a selection of them. Look here for more information: http://… Source:

  3. Bao Reply:

    Cold sores look like blisters. They usually show up around the mouth and nose. It is caused by the common cold and may be treated with hydro cortisone. Source:

  4. Saran Reply:

    To help heal a cold sore, don’t mess with it. Do not pick it, lick it, or wipe it. The only contact you should have with it is putting cream, such as Carmax or Abreva, on it. That should help it heal faster. Source:

  5. Haley Reply:

    Are all cold sores herpes? Are there other kinds of mouth sores besides cold sores? If so, what are they? Are they herpes? How do you distinguish between the different kinds o

  6. Alene Reply:

    Cold sores are actually a form of the herpes virus! Since herpes has no cure outbreaks pop up from time to time and then go away again! But what youre getting might not actually be a cold sore! You could just be getting a pimple by your lip now and again! Next time it crops up go to your doctor and find out for sure what it is so you can treat it the right way!

  7. Suzi Reply:

    How many people get cold sores? 80% of the population is infected with the cold sore virus. Can dogs get a cold sore from people? Dogs wont get a cold sore

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