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Can stds be transferred via saliva?

STD’s are not normally transmitted through saliva!There is a tiny risk with HIV, but not unless you have an open sore in the mouth! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carroll Reply:

    Other STDs can only be passed through the bloodstream. Although they can be carried through bodily secretions, such as semen, mucus or saliva, they have Detail:

  2. Sana Reply:

    Sep 29, 2007 Diseases that are not STDs, like mono, the common cold, stomach bugs, and strep throat, also can be passed through saliva. STDs can be

  3. Marva Reply:

    Syphilis can be transferred by kissing if there is a lesion on the mouth. Antibiotics would be the treatment. More:

  4. Leanora Reply:

    Is it possible to contract STDs through saliva? I was interviewing a homeless and during the conversation I man for a class assignment felt something wet land on my lower lip.

  5. Glynda Reply:

    Depends on the STD! Some are viral, some are bacterial! Viral would require and exchange of bodily fluid (blood, semen, etc)! Bacterial can happen with straight contact! HIV would be a viral disease, chlamydia would be bacterial! As stated above, if there is a cut in your mouth, you can contract it as well! In sum, no, STDs are not transmitted via saliva! But you can contact them from oral sex 😉

  6. Lura Reply:

    Can Aids be transmitted through saliva through your eyes? It would be highly unlikely to contract the HIV infection from this manner. Can aids be transmitted

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