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Can you catch HIV if you kiss someone?

You can’t get HIV if you kiss someone, unless there is blood! Saliva, vomit & urine are not risky unless visible blood is present! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nora Reply:

    It's also very unlikely you'd be infected through kissing, even if it is open mouthed. People can get HIV if their blood comes in contact with the blood of an Detail:

  2. Merlene Reply:

    HIV is spread by direct contact with infected body fluids, including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. This means that HIV contained in one of these fluids must get into the bloodstream by direct entry into a vein, a break i

  3. Clarence Reply:

    Many think that kissing is safe, but syphilis, herpes, and other diseases can be contracted through this apparently harmless act. More:'s-can-you-catch-by-kissing-someone

  4. Tommie Reply:

    Surprising as it may be, the odds are actually quite heavily against you catching HIV from a single high-risk exposure – however, that does not mean that you wont catch it or that you should see those odds a reason for complacency. Even if … More:

  5. Susann Reply:

    AIDS (: More:

  6. Sharie Reply:

    what are the chances in getting HIV if a person deep, breast sucking and licking ? her vagina deep into the kiss a HIV affected female cavity and swallowing the vaginal fluids

  7. Alana Reply:

    HIV is a blood borne pathogen, that means it is in the blood!The HIV virus can be present in saliva! For someone to catch it, you must have two things! A source of the infection,(blood) and a portal of entry (an opening for it to enter you)! If the one you are kissing has HIV, and has blood present, and lets say you recently flossed your teeth, and you may have some areas in your mouth that could be open from flossing, you are at risk! It is possible that the virus could enter your bloodstream through this area! It could be possible, but not likely! Please check the following link for the Center for Disease Control! Please understand that it is not likely, but personally I would not like to risk that! There are other ways of showing affection, that maintains my safety!

  8. Kimberli Reply:

    The CDC has cautioned against open-mouthed kissing if individuals are HIV Can you catch HIV by kissing someone if you have old cut in your mouth?

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