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Can you transfer hiv through saliva?

HIV is transmitted through the exchange of HIV-infected body fluids! Transfer may occur through, blood, urine, saliva and!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sixta Reply:

    Can You Get AIDS From Saliva?. HIV, or human immuno-deficiency virus, is found in the saliva of an HIV-positive person; however, there is not enough HIV in Detail:

  2. Retha Reply:

    Mar 25, 2010 HIV can be detected in several fluids and tissue of a person living with HIV. It is less common for HIV to be transmitted through oral sex or for an . Risk for HIV infection increases if you or a partner has a sexually transmitted

  3. Jeanie Reply:

    Sperm? Never heard of diseases transferred through sperm, saliva, yes! To name two; HIV, and flu. And I know there could be more. More:

  4. Emmaline Reply:

    Syphilis can be transferred by kissing if there is a lesion on the mouth. Antibiotics would be the treatment. More:

  5. Ricarda Reply:

    There is not enough of the virus present in those body fluids to cause transmission of the virus. More:

  6. Many Reply:

    I have a scar on my if there is no blood penis from a hyposadias from hiv spits on my penis 15 years ago, if a women infected with can I become infected even present

  7. Shyla Reply:

    It is extraordinarily unlikely!There would have to be blood in the saliva, and that saliva would somehow have to make it into the other persons blood stream!The kids are safe!

  8. Annette Reply:

    There have been no confirmed cases of HIV transmission from kissing. week and know that you cannot get HIV by kissing someone with HIV since saliva is not

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