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Does HIV always show up on the test if you are positive?

HIV or AIDS will show up positive approximately 6-8 weeks after contracting the disease, however symptoms may not be present! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Faiz Reply:

    Although HIV testing is often reutqseed along with other STD tests, it is not necessary or mandatory that the HIV test be included. You can just get the tests you want to get. HIV testing is never automatically done with other testing. In order to get an HIV test, you would need to request the test and sign a consent form. Legally, HIV testing can not be done without the written consent of the person being tested.You can check the website to find free testing sites in your area. Just enter your ZIP code.

  2. Adriane Reply:

    While the chances of receiving one are quite low, false positive HIV tests are distributed to patients from time to time. Here are A Western Blot can be done next to confirm the ELISA results. If you have had a rabies or Hepatitis B vaccination, or an influenza shot, a false positive might show up when testing for HIV. Detail:

  3. Palma Reply:

    It takes up to 6 months for the HIV virus to be detected. If Always knowing your HIV status may empower you to continue doing the right things. If you should become positive, you will know at the Study Shows Nevirapine A New Treatment Option For HIV-Positive Infants

  4. Berniece Reply:

    HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the sexually transmitted virus that causes aids. When the HIV results are positive, it can be difficult to deal with the stress, anger and worry over how the share the news with your spouse. Try using … More:

  5. Vashti Reply:

    The amount of time that it takes to get results back from an HIV test can be anxiety-inducing. Having to wait a certain amount of time before you can trust a negative result can make it worse. As HIV tests actually test for the presence of … More:

  6. Ashli Reply:

    For almost everyone diagnosed with HIV, the news can be very difficult to process and cope with. HIV-disease is chronic, progressive and incurable, but this does not mean that there is not hope. There are support resources available, and an… More:

  7. Jesus Reply:

    could hiv show up in the rapid hiv saliva test done saliva before blood?could hep c cause a false hiv test? ok i went to a positive result for a antibody free clinic to get a

  8. Minda Reply:

    Your doctor would be the one to inform you of a positive test result! If you gynecologist said your blood tests were normal, this would include the HIV test — providing your gynecologist did the blood-work!All labs, especially recent labs/blood-work, may not have been entered for a number of reasons!To ease your mind, you could call the doctor or nurse and ask!

  9. Ji Reply:

    Do patients exposed to HIV always test HIV positive? To be exposed to does not always mean that you will be infected. If contracting the disease you will still not test positive until some time afterwards. What in a HIV test shows that you have HIV? Type the username or email address you used when you signed up on

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