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How long does it take 2 find out if u have hiv?

It can take up to 6 months after being infected by HIV for it to show up positive on a test! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eve Reply:

    How Long Does It Take to Know If You Have HIV?. Waiting for the How Long Does It Take to Find Out From Your Bank If Your Approved for an Auto Loan? Detail:

  2. Adriene Reply:

    A: The only way to know for sure is to have an HIV test. Tests are completely confidential, can

  3. Nancee Reply:

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  4. Caroyln Reply:

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  5. Talia Reply:

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  6. Joeann Reply:

    suppose tested HIV positve after long time treatment appears HIV negetive/AIDS? People living with HIV/AIDS who are using A RVs is he free from HIV for certain period after re

  7. Lisandra Reply:

    well i have ocd and a completeley huge fear of HIV! i cant even touch anything because i am too afraid to get it! the kid is in 8th grade so it is highly unlikley if he were older i would say there is a chance! of course there is a chance in this scenario he could have had it however its doubtful! at the same time you need to tell him that was not funny and if he ever does that again your gona call the police on him ( to scare him) just make sure you tell him he cant ever do that to you again or you COULD seriously say it was harrasment and he could get in alot trouble!HIV meds enable you to live a long full life so dont worry youll be alright even if you do have it! if you feel like you neeed to know more then get tested! and good luck

  8. Nga Reply:

    However, HIV can How soon is too soon to tell her you love her? If you feel comfortable saying that and it is the right time then go ahead and say it as long as

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