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How long does it take for HIV treatment to take effect?

HIV is an uncommon virus called a retrovirus, and drugs developed to disrupt the action of HIV are known as antiretrovirals or ARVs! The introduction of ARVs in 1996 transformed the treatment of HIV! There is no cure so the treatment is permanent! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Danette Reply:

    How Long Does it Take for HIV Symptoms to Occur? The presence of these symptoms can be used to track and diagnose different stages of HIV Understanding the process of HIV seroconversion and the symptoms are key factors in early detection and treatment of HIV infection. How Does HIV Affect Health? Detail:

  2. Coretta Reply:

    Sep 3, 2009 drugs, HIV positive people now have longer and healthier lives. Hence, people with HIV need to continuously take antiretroviral drugs. How does HIV treatment – or antiretroviral (ARV) therapy – work in someone who is

  3. Raelene Reply:

    The treatments for hiv are different depending on the symptoms that people are having. Most of the time you will have the cocktail of the meds to keep them from getting sicker. More:

  4. Allena Reply:

    The treatment for hiv is not an easy one. Since the virus can quickly adapt to treatments, they must be switched up and different meds used continually. To find more information click here:… More:

  5. Jeannette Reply:

    The most common side effects associated with the drugs usually used in HIV and AIDS drug treatment are increases in cholesterol, shifts in the way the body stores fat, nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach discomfort. Because these side e… More:

  6. Kary Reply:

    suppose tested HIV positve after long time treatment appears HIV negetive/AIDS? People living with HIV/AIDS who are using A RVs is he free from HIV for certain period after re

  7. Veronica Reply:

    The thing about HIV is that there are medications out there that can keep your immune system healthy enough to live a long, normal, healthy life! I honestly dont think you have HIV! But, the best way to know is to call your psychiatrist and see if he can write you a prescription to get tested for HIV and any other thing! That way, your insurance will pay for the blood work! I did something similar a few months ago! I also hope this girl took a plan B pill to prevent pregnancy!

  8. Nichol Reply:

    There is no reliable way of telling how long it will take for an individual's HIV with timely treatment, most people will not get seriously ill and should expect to

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