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How long does it take to detect the HIV virus?

Statistics show that 96 pct of infected individuals will test positive for HIV within 2-12 wks, but it can take up to 6 months! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cordelia Reply:

    How Long Does It Take for HIV Antibodies to Appear? If this is the case, another test called a P24 Antigen test can detect viral protein in the blood stream as Detail:

  2. Marline Reply:

    The standard recommendation is to get tested 3 months after possible exposure. Initial testing for HIV is designed to detect antibodies to HIV. More than 98% of people who have HIV would test positive within 3 months after infection. In ver

  3. Mable Reply:

    The HIV virus or human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that attacks your CD-4 cells. These CD-4 cells are a part of your immune system that fights diseases and illness. Once enough damage has been done to these cells HIV will turn into AI… More:

  4. Lucina Reply:

    HIV is detected through blood tests. The only way someone can find out if they are HIV negative or positive is through a blood test that makes that determination. This is a very serious and can be deadly virus. HIV can turn in to full blown… More:

  5. Ryan Reply:

    Blood and Oral Fluid Tests Tests carried out on blood or oral fluid to detect HIV antibodies are a form of EIA, or enzyme immunoassay. These tests use a small sample of blood or oral fluid taken from a vein or oral swab, respectively, and t… More:

  6. Francisco Reply:

    Would an HIV RNA test by HIV in a tested person PCR detect HIV in a to the virus? ? That is, if the HIV RNA by person’s blood 30 days after exposure PCR test does not show’s b

  7. Alita Reply:

    In my professional experience if youre concerned about one STD, you should be concerned about all of them! When testing for HIV, it can take anywhere for 3-6 months for antibodies to build enough to be detected in a test – unless you are having an early detection test performed! However, I would recommend getting an entire panel of STD tests done! Id also like to remind you about safe sex! Please limit the number of sexual partners that you have! Prior to entering any new sexual relationship, its important that you and your partner get tested for STDs and share those results with one another! And finally, its important that you use condoms each and every time that you have sex!Hope this helps! For more information on STDs and testing, feel free to contact us directly! Were here to help!

  8. Gertie Reply:

    How soon after exposure can HIV be detected? The virus needs this time to incubate, allowing your body enough time to make antibodies Generally speaking, it will be between some two to six weeks; but it can take up to three months

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