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How long does it take to get aids test results?

A rapid test for detecting HIV antibodies is a screening test that produces very quick results, usually in five to 30 minutes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shala Reply:

    The test itself takes only a few minutes, but the waiting time to get test results will vary depending on which test specific HIV test you undergo. symptoms that could occur at any given time throughout all different stages of HIV and AIDS. Detail:

  2. Christa Reply:

    Depending on what type of test is done, results may take from a few hours to several days.

  3. Allena Reply:

    Interpreting blood work will vary based on what test is being done and the laboratory that is conducting the test. The doctor or lab conducting the test is the most qualified to read the results. You can find information to help understand … More:

  4. Shaun Reply:

    Usually new AIDS drugs are tested like any other prescription drug. Individuals with AIDS may participate in a drug trial, and there might be some healthy individuals involved as well. This is to help distinguish any possible side effects t… More:

  5. Mirna Reply:

    HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the sexually transmitted virus that causes aids. When the HIV results are positive, it can be difficult to deal with the stress, anger and worry over how the share the news with your spouse. Try using … More:

  6. Gilda Reply:

    AIDS Question- How long after you have AIDS will it show up someone – how long after this someone in a test? IF I had AIDS, and I had sex with and I had sex – and he had a blo

  7. Patrice Reply:

    There are several legitimate answers to your question(s)The test itself could last two minutes, inasmuch as they generally ask you to swab the inside of your mouth with a swap stick – this takes about two minutes!The results will either come back to you in two weeks (aprox!) or within a few minutes, depending on the facility where it is performed!

  8. Zelma Reply:

    How long would it take to get HIV and AIDS test results? Improve. In: HIV and How long does it take to get results for from AID test? A blood test would only

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