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How much does it cost to be tested for stds?

The price depends on the STD! You can get tested for HIV for as low as $59 but Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cost $98! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Anglea Reply:

    How Much Is an STD Test? The cost of STD tests varies widely and depends to a large extent on what, if any, How Much Does a Lung Transplant Cost? Detail:

  2. Ivey Reply:

    It doesn’t coast anything at a clinic if your insurance covers it

  3. Keena Reply:

    You can get tested for STDs at a number of places. You can visit your doctor, a clinic, a Planned Parenthood location, or even your local health department. At the very least, your local health department will have a list of places where yo… More:

  4. Britt Reply:

    Since there are so many std’s out there, there are a variety of ways to test for them. Blood, urine, saliva tests can all be done. Along with that an examination of the genital area will be done. More:

  5. Lieselotte Reply:

    There are a variety of ways to test for STDs. Some can be diagnosed just by examining the genitals. Others may be diagnosed by doing a urine sample or a sample of fluids from the vagina, anus, or throat. For STDs like HIV, Hepatitis, and Sy… More:

  6. Doretta Reply:

    are you tested for stds when you get your blood tested before surgery?

  7. Rosa Reply:

    It really (and unfortunately) depends on where you live! Bigger cities usually have free clinics or clinics that offer free STD testing! Some smaller cities and towns may also! The local health department often offers free or low cost STD testing! Always a good idea to call your health department and ask what they offer or if they know of any free or low-cost clinics nearby!Oh, and if you can afford something (even $5) and get free testing a lot of clinics will take donations! Donate if you can! It really does cost a lot of money to provide those services and they barely scrape by on the private and public funding they get! Every little bit helps them to provide better services and get better staff and equipment!

  8. Venus Reply:

    How much do std tests cost at planned parenthood? Depends on which test you want since they each have their own and the test procedures are different;

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