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What are ways you can not get HIV?

You can’t get HIV by casual contact with an infected person (unless you both have open wounds) or hugging or kissing etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carlie Reply:

    You cannot get HIV through the following methods: using a toilet after an HIV carrier, touching a used feminine product, through a bug bite or breathing in the Detail:

  2. Lawanna Reply:

    You cannot be infected by giving blood at a blood bank. . How do you get HIV from sexual intercourse? HIV can be spread through sexual intercourse, from male

  3. Marlen Reply:

    Semen, vaginal fluid, breast milk and blood. More:

  4. Sherika Reply:

    ONLY WAYS HIV IS TRANSMITTED ARE, Unprotected Vaginal and Anal sex Sharing IV drugs Mother to child (Breast Feeding) More:

  5. Pamala Reply:

    Exchange of bodily fluids, eg: sex, sharing needles, birth, tainted blood transfusions . . . More:

  6. Tamra Reply:

    how can you get HIV? and is there any other ways?

  7. Louise Reply:

    Im not sure exactly what your question is but I am assuming that it is relating to the symptoms that are present as HIV advances to a full AIDS diagnosis!I was diagnosed with AIDS last February! I didnt even know that I was HIV positive until then! My symptoms from moving to being to HIV pos to advanced HIV were: many infections (soar throats, colds, flu, things like infantigo and pink eye)! The infections were very difficult for me to get over! I had severe night sweats! They started out as being a little extra sweaty when I woke up and in the worst part they were so severe that I would have to change my clothes two or three times a night! I would literally drip like I just stepped out of a pool! They didnt happen in the day, only at night! I also had, what I later learned was thrush! My mouth was full of white patches and my tongue was thickly coated! I didnt have K!S! but I did develop PCP! Today I have been on HIV meds for most of a year! My viral load has fallen to undetectable and my cd4 has come up to 189 from 13! The night sweats are mostly gone, the thrush still comes and goes and the infections I get are still more difficult to treat! Winter seems to be harder than summer and spring! The definite diagnosis of HIV is a blood test! First an eliza test is run and then if it is positive it is confirmed with the western blot! Neither of those test produce the viral load, only a reactive or non-reactive result! The viral load comes from a viral load test and from what I understand it is the counting of the virus seen in a certain amount of blood!!!I believe they use an electron microscope for it but Im not sure about that!

  8. Rebecca Reply:

    What are some ways you cannot get HIV? A person can get HIV through unprotected sex with an infected partner, Three ways hiv cannot be transmitted ?

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