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What does HIV do to your immune system?

Eventually, your immune system will become so weak that it will not be able to protect you from other illnesses and infections, thus you become sick! Simply put, HIV doesn’t make you sick! It weakens your immune system, allowing other illnesses and infections to make you sick! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carola Reply:

    Many people do not develop any symptoms when they first become infected with HIV does not make you sick, but it weakens your immune system, allowing Detail:

  2. Bernice Reply:

    CD4 cells are white blood cells that play an important role in your body’s immune system. They destroy invading bacteria, viruses and any damaged cells in your body, thus protecting you from disease. HIV avoids being attacked by these key c

  3. Celia Reply:

    HIV destroys the immune system by lowering the CD4+T cells in the body. As infections destroy these cells HIV then turns into AIDS. Infections and diseases are more apt to take over the body and affect the organs. You can find more informat… More:

  4. Pok Reply:

    HIV actually attacks and weakens the immune system. It leaves the body vulnerable to infection and unable to fight it off. Learn more online. You can find more information here:… More:

  5. Shira Reply:

    The hiv virus attacks the antibodies of an aids patient. This will cause the immune system to become weak and make the person susceptible to infections and other complications. More:

  6. Dotty Reply:

    Does the immune system respond to normal immune system? should be good to go all disease? like so if you have a? is there a test to check your immune system

  7. Renae Reply:

    Big cats like lion get a decease called FIV, similar to HIV, they just dont let their bodies get sick from it so I guess you might be on to soemthing!

  8. Elodia Reply:

    Your immune system has different kinds of cells that work together to fight infections. CD4 T-cells After HIV enters the body, it uses the CD4 T-cells to make more copies of itself. When this Why do we need a functional lymphatic system?

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