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What is the difference between aids and hiv?

Becoming infected with the virus HIV leads to AIDS! AIDS occurs when TCell levels drop below 200 & the body cannot fight infection Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sydney Reply:

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  2. Sixta Reply:

    Difference Between HIV & AIDS. Though HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, there is a difference between being infected with HIV and having AIDS. A person can Detail:

  3. Denisha Reply:

    HIV can be treated now and as long as the person looks after themselves and eat the right foods to keep their immune system strong they will survive. Aids is when the HIV was not treated and the immune system was totally run down then you g

  4. Yolando Reply:

    Many people have died from this disease. It has been known since the 1980’s. Scientists have reported that it has been around as early as the 1950’s in Africa. If a person is infected with HIV in this time the treatments are better then it … More:

  5. Ha Reply:

    Aids HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a very destructive virus that attacks the body’s immune system eventually leaving the body unable to protect itself against the germs it is exposed to everyday. This virus uses the white blood cell… More:

  6. Cecily Reply:

    There is often confusion when discussing the differences between HIV and AIDS. They are often seen as the same disease, but HIV and AIDS are actually two separate conditions. Modern technology and medicine has expanded the average lifespan … More:

  7. Tamesha Reply:

    What tests are given to determine if a person has AIDS? What is the precise difference between HIV & AIDS ? please provide the source/ webiste used.

  8. Sibyl Reply:

    HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which is a virus that attacks the immune system!AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome! This is a condition as a result from the HIV destruction of the immune system which then allows other bacteria and viruses to attack that normally would be held in check by a healthy immune system!

  9. Danille Reply:

    What is the difference between being HIV positive and having AIDS? Improve. In: HIV What is the different between hiv infection and aids? Answer it! What is

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