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What part of the body does HIV attack?

HIV effects the immune system! It can reek havoc on all systems in the body! Untreated will lead to AIDS! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ellis Reply:

    As more and more of the body's healthy T cells become infected with HIV, the body's immune system becomes What Part of the Body Does Alcoholism Affect ? Detail:

  2. Patria Reply:

    Specifically, HIV attacksT-Cells, a type of white blood cell

  3. Joanie Reply:

    Smallpox is an extremely contagious and frequently fatal disease. Caused by the Variola virus, there are two main forms of the disease, Variola major and Variola minor which present with similar signs and symptoms. Variola major is fatal in… More:

  4. Jeri Reply:

    Specifically, HIV attacksT-Cells, a type of white blood cell More:

  5. Jane Reply:

    HIV is a growing and dangerous auto immune disease that can be deadly with a weakened immune system.The virus invades the body and attacks the healthy tissue and organs . You can find more information here:… More:

  6. Jaime Reply:

    What part of the body does Cholera attack?

  7. Sade Reply:

    Do you know how long theyve been saying they are *thisclose* to a vaccine?? I recall the press conference in 1984!!! No, I wouldnt get my hopes up! HIV is the most complicated virus on earth, literally!Im more interested in the rare genetic imminuties to HIV! They might be ably to transfer those to the wider population!

  8. Suzan Reply:

    The HIV virus attacks the T cells of the immune system, which are the cells that trigger an immune response to a foreign body. What cell does hiv attack?

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