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Why is hiv called pandemic?

A pandemic is an epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population! This is the reason! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Stephine Reply:

    Pandemic diseases are diseases that effect large populations of people to as " swine flu") and H5N1 (commonly called "avian influenza" or "bird flu"), HIV, and Detail:

  2. Delphine Reply:

    HIV/AIDS. Introduction · The Birth of a Disease; From Epidemic to Pandemic These infections are called opportunistic because the organisms that cause them

  3. Jo Reply:

    Justinian Plague More:

  4. Nikole Reply:

    Although human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and HIV-2 share modes of transmission, their epidemiologic characteristics differ and international spread of HIV-2 has been very limited. Recently, the prevalence of infection with HIV-1… More:

  5. Alberta Reply:

    A pandemic is a widespread illness across a large geographic area such as a continent. More:

  6. Darci Reply:

    I want to start an initiative funding? I want to spread the called ” Youth Against HIV&AIDS Pandemic”, so how can i get message to young people because i realised that AIDS

  7. Ebony Reply:

    I dont want to answer your question because I want you to do your own homework! But seeing as no one has stepped in to help, Ill point you in the right directions!1! The answer to this question is on these pages! Read them! http://www!cdc!gov/std/Chlamydia/STDFact-Chlamydia!htmhttp://www!cdc!gov/std/Chlamydia/STDFact-Chlamydia!htm#complications2! http://www!cdc!gov/std/Gonorrhea/STDFact-gonorrhea!htmhttp://www!cdc!gov/std/Gonorrhea/STDFact-gonorrhea!htm#symptoms3! http://www!nlm!nih!gov/medlineplus/herpessimplex!html4! There are three stages: primary, secondary and latent! They are described here: http://www!cdc!gov/std/Syphilis/STDFact-Syphilis!htm#symptoms5! HIV kills your immune system! Thats why its called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus! For more comprehensive info, check out http://www!nlm!nih!gov/medlineplus/tutorials/aids/hp249102!pdf6! Heres info on opportunistic infections http://www!aidsinfonet!org/factsheet_detail!php??fsnumber=5007! Heres how you get HIV: http://www!cdc!gov/hiv/topics/basic/index!htm#transmissionhttp://www!cdc!gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/transmission!htm 8! AVERT has all the stages listed and described neatly for you http://www!avert!org/hivstages!htm9! http://www!avert!org/hivtesting!htmhttp://www!avert!org/hivtesting!htm#q4http://www!avert!org/hivtesting!htm#q510! Viruses generally cant be cured! You have to rely on your immunesystem to beat them into submission! Problem with HIV is that it is a virus that attacks the immune system! If you if you have a virus that clobbers your immune system, its not possible for your immune system to really mount an attack against it! See my logic here??11! A pandemic is a really widespread increase in a particular disease! Because HIV and AIDS are a big problem worldwide, it is considered a pandemic!I hope you realize I could have just told you to Google it yourself! However there is a lot of info out there, and a lot of it is deadly WRONG! I wanted to make sure you read reliable information and learned it for your class, which is why Im giving you these links! So please read them and learn the info well! Im guessing there will be a test on it later!

  8. Larhonda Reply:

    HIV is a pandemic because of the scope of those infected with the disease. The rate of infection Relevant answers: What do you call people who hate people?

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