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How does Music Affect Our Emotions

You may have such questions as How To Affect Emotions With Music and How Does Music Affect Our Lives,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Music Affect Emotion. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Effects of Music on Human Emotion,too. Read more as following:

Music has an affect on our emotions by what we listen to. Listening to nice relaxing music puts you in a relaxed mood, while listening to hard rock music will get you anxious and strung.

How to Affect Emotions With Music

Music affects people's emotions in different ways. Certain types evoke sadness or anger while other types induce feelings of well being or happiness. Music is used in various settings to help set the mood of an environment or to enhance an experience... More »

How does Music Affect Our Lives?

Music is capable of moving us emotionally. Music can help us to say things that we don't know how to say. We can also be moved by music to say and do things we may have never had the courage to do. For more information look here: ... More »

How does music affect emotions?

It makes me happy and upbeat or calm, depending on the music. I stopped listening to music for a long time and started again. It was like I was reborn. I listen to music I liked when I was young and I feel young again. Music helped me deal with a dif... More »

How our emotions affect our learning?

Cues in the brain that trigger emotional decisions are more prevalent than those that trigger logical ones, writes Dr. Robert Sylwester, professor of education at the University of Oregon. As such individuals will more likely ascribe logic to emotion... More »

How does music affect teenagers' emotions?

A study conducted by Steven C. Martino, Ph.D. through RAND suggests that teens that listen to certain types of music are more likely to engage in sexual conduct. Sex is intrinsically linked to emotions and listening to certain types of music seems to... More »

How music affects emotions?

It can make you happy or sad or anxious.... More »


  1. Jaimie Reply:

    Its not like the choir music you hear in the medieval churches. Its more like love songs that seem to make people really emotional and cry. Do you think that the music puts people in an emotional state so they are more susceptible to take in what the vicar says.

  2. Alka Reply:

    Basically, music affected teenagers, how did cartoons affect children?

  3. Vvm Reply:

    if we listen to metalica all day were likely to be angry,aggresive, or pumped up. if we listen to someone like neyo we will probaly be in a calm,relaxed mood. do you believe music affects our emotions or changes the way we feel?

  4. Dr. Cichlidzzv Reply:

    Try writing it into a thesis.
    I need about three or more reasons how it has helped/affected our society.
    Best answer gets 10 points.
    Thanks. :)

  5. Victoria Reply:

    I’m writing a paper on the emotional state music can bring you to while watching movives. Can anyone help me out? I can’t seem to find what I need online

  6. Brian Reply:

    Like work-out music for example. Why does a sound assist on physical performance? I like hard, energetic rock. I always seem to push myself harder while benching or running while listening to it. Why? What be the science behind this witchcraft?

  7. Emma – Lee Reply:

    How does gender affect our identity? And how, specifically, is gender identity the core of some American Cultural problems?

    I have to write a paper on this question and I have no idea how to answer it. Help please!

  8. Dale Reply:

    In other words do you lsten to music that shows how you are feeling or do you tend to listen to music that changes your mood?

  9. Troy Reply:

    i am doing a speech on the affects of music on teenagers and how different genres affect our mood. What visual aids could i use or how could i include/intrigue the audience?

  10. Ok Reply:

    i have seen many youtube videos with subliminal messages and i wonder what they really are.I have seen that they can even affect our political beliefs.Can you explain in simple words cause i am 15 XD

    thanks a lot!

  11. Ssorek2 Reply:

    I started listening to more mainstream music and positive music, and now I feel far more happier and joyful. I feel a lot more positive and kind. I used to not listen to mainstream and pop because I thought It was only music about money, sex, and ego “worship”.

  12. Cali D Reply:

    I have to do a Theory of Knowledge project and our question is: How do we know music affects human emotions? However, we need a real life situation. The one we have is the fact that in movies, the music is specific to the moment in the film. But I was wondering if anyone knew any better ones.

  13. Xd Reply:

    Nevermind lyrics, which can also connect. I’m talking about just the sound. Music is based on math – harmonies and frequencies, so how is it able to affect and express our emotions?

  14. Siick_dude Reply:

    Thank you so much, i’ve been doing a research paper. Also, what type of music makes you personally happy/sad/angry/any emotion?

  15. Coco Reply:

    So I wanted to know if, when you are listening to your least favourite music affects our memory, and how/ by how much. Its for a science fair project 😉

  16. Heyimkimberly Reply:

    we are doing an important presntation regarding this question.
    Do you think music affects our emotions? if so what aspects of music trigger our emotions?
    Please answer our questions… is important for our presentation that we retrieve first hand information.

    Thank you

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