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How Much can I Sell my Kidney for

You may have such questions as Where Can I Sell One of My Kidneys and Is It Legal to Sell a Kidney,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Can I Sell My Kidney. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Making Money by Selling a Kidney,too. Read more as following:

It is illegal to sell your kidney in the United States. People have tried to sell theirs on auction websites, but the sites have stopped the auction. Worldwide, people are desperate for kidney transplants, but you should not consider even selling your kidney. Who knows, a loved one may need one in the future and you might be the perfect match.

Is there a country where I can legally sell one of my kidneys?

Let me tell you this: Even if there was a country that would pay for your kidney (ethically questionable in of itself), you would not want to get that kind of surgery there, nor would you want to leave yourself to their mercy in the way of post op ca... More »

Is it legal to sell your kidneys?

Answer yes it is illegal, it is federal crime... More »

Where can I Sell my Kidney?

Fortunately for many, selling body parts is illegal. In other countries, they have a black market that sells kidneys and other body parts. But usually, these kidneys are stolen from people.... More »

How Much can I Sell a Kidney for?

It is illegal to sell a kidney although people have tried doing so on websites like ebay only to have the listing pulled but not before the price went sky high because of the need for kidneys. However there are authorities who find it immoral and for... More »

Why do people sell their kidneys?

Kidneys have significant excess capacity, such that one healthy kidney easily possesses the capacity to handle all elimination needs which may need to be processed through the urinary system. Since thousands of dollars can be obtained, by a donor, fo... More »

Where is the best place to sell your organs

It is illegal to sell a person's organs to anyone and to any institution for any reason. A person can only donate his organ free of charge and usually anonymously if they do not do the donation for a relative.... More »


  1. morris morgan Reply:

    Are you seeking an opportunity to sell your Kidney due to financial problem, kindly contact us today, we shall offer you very good amount for your Kidney. We are specialized in Kidney transplant and also buying and selling of Kidney with corresponding donor. If you are interested in selling or buying of kidney’s, kindly contact us via email:(((([email protected]))))
    Best Regards.
    Dr Morris Morgan, MD ((((+918553690487))))

  2. Bard Reply:

    If it is for how much should a person sell his kidney?

  3. Kim Snitch Reply:

    I’m broke ,can’t find work and I need some money fast. I’m healthy and was curious what I could sell a kidney for? Also, how to I go about matching up with someone in need and has money to buy it and pay for the surgery costs?

  4. William Reply:

    I have heard you can sell your kidney for a lot of money. Is this even legal? If it is how much does one go for? I’m just curious.

  5. Mog Reply:

    Where and how to sell a kidney online????
    That in the great crisis of my country and I fell into huge debts,I beg you to help.
    I know it’s a bit stupid to sell my organs, but have no other choice.
    Either that or i will end up on the street with my family.

  6. Gabi Reply:

    If its my body and my choice then selling a kidney should follow that logic. Why is abortion legal but organ selling is illegal. People in Iran can sell organs for pete sake, are they more free than us in some regards?

  7. March M Reply:

    I was thinking of selling some stuff and investing the money in alcohol (to protect myself from the effects of the credit crunch).

    Where can I sell a kidney and how much can I get?

  8. Ms3my Reply:

    If my family doesn’t get a thousand dollars in 3 days then we will be on the streets for Christmas. If it wasn’t for me we would be fine. So can I legal sell my kidney? I’m 15.

  9. Abigail Reply:

    I want to sell my kidney as i don’t need two and heard they fetch a lot of money would it be a good swap for a 2001 jeep wrangler and a 52″ plasma or should i see how much i can get for it on ebay.

  10. Jacob Reply:

    Hello my name is Wayne and I’m really having financial problems I need a jump start to get my life going. I’m 27 and very healthy I want sell my kidney or a slice of my liver. I’m wondering how I can do this so I can get on with my life. Contact me at my email if you have answers to this question.

  11. Meme Reply:

    I want to sell my Kidney to some rich fat guy who is about to die I am in good health!
    Could I get close to 1 Million dollars for it whats the asking price for Kidneys!
    I want to swap it for a Lamborghini when i get Older!

  12. Tammy Gibson Reply:

    I am considering selling a kidney to someone who needs it, how do I do it, where do I go to let the right people know it’s for sale and how much can I expect to get for it? Thanks!

  13. Boom! Reply:

    Hi to all, I have to clear my bedts within 15 days of time. So I have decided to sell my kidney for money in return. Can you please help me to know more about it?

  14. Pepper Reply:

    I want to sell my kidney as i don’t need two and heard they fetch a lot of money would it be a good swap for a 2001 jeep wrangler and a 52″ plasma or should i see how much i can get for it on ebay.

  15. Metalscreamer1969 Reply:

    I know it’s illegal, (not sure why tho) but I’ve heard they go for 50-100k!! So I am 100% up for selling it I just need to now how. Surely there’s some underground operation in which people buy and sell kidneys, no?

  16. Aubree Mccall Reply:

    27 year old healthy man o+ looking to sell kidney.

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