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How to Deal With Upset Customers

You may have such questions as How To Deal With Upset Customers and How To Deal With Customers Without Getting Upset,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Did You Deal With Really Upset Customers. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Home Remedies for Upset Stomach,too. Read more as following:

To deal with upset customers you need to remain calm. When I have a upset customer I let them continue to talk. When they are done being upset I will try and help them.

How to deal with upset customers?

1. Greet the customer in a polite, friendly way and actively listen to the customer's grievances. Acknowledge his distressed emotional state. A customer will know when you are only paying him lip service and could become more frustrated. 2. Show the... More »

How to deal with customers without getting upset?

1. Listen to what the customer is saying. Focus on the customer and pay attention to her words. Don't think about what you will say to counter her argument. Simply absorb what she is saying. Don't respond to emotions; instead, try to determine the me... More »

How did you deal with really upset customers?

It's best just to listen until the customer has given you the whole story. Note during this time what you can help with and what you can't help with, item by item. Encourage the customer to 'get it out'. Don't interrupt or try to cut off the customer... More »

How do you deal with mad or upset customer?

Empathize rather than sympathizing. Show your expertise on the product/service in question, some authority on what you can/cannot do for the customer and thirdly reassure him/her that you will do your best to save the customer some precious time and... More »

How to Deal With Difficult Customers?

The best way to deal with a difficult customer is to realize they are probably mad about something unrelated to you, or the business. Try to find the problem they want solved, and solve it to your companies allowance.... More »

How to handle upset customers?

1. First of all, the most important thing is to put yourself in the customers shoes for a moment. With the more limited information the customer has, is his or her response pretty normal considering the circumstances? Would you be frustrated if it we... More »


  1. Boy Named Sue Reply:

    I am studying for a nvq in customer services and need to know the answer to the question

  2. Satan Reply:

    do, without getting the management angry with her? Plus if she’s rude back, she can lose her tips and her job. She is really upset about this.

  3. Atheistforlife Reply:

    I work in two customer survive job! And they make me so very angry! What are the best ways you use to calm down?

  4. Applepop64 Reply:

    In a customer service situation, I was told first and foremost to ask the individual to calm down, let him/her calm down and think.

    I’ve also heard that you shouldn’t calm down an angry customer. So how do you get through to someone who’s clearly beyond ticked off?

  5. Loran Reply:

    When I deal with irate customer at my job, I start to sweat and when I get intimidated, I shake and get nervous. I don’t want to be this way. Somebody please give me good advice.

  6. Danielle Reply:

    For example,a situation where a customer is disatisfied with the services provided.

  7. Keelan Gouard Reply:

    From an emotional perspective, how does dealing with an abusive customer lead to stress and burnout?

  8. Zak Reply:

    What steps should be taken when dealing with a difficult customer, who is clearly in the wrong and absolutly irrational? 90% of the customers I deal with fit this catagory.

  9. Barbara Reply:

    I’m gonna be starting a new job & thinking how to deal with horny people in the store ?

  10. Jay Reply:

    I do not deal with them often but if a customer is upset i want to deal with them the best way possible.
    I love my job not because of the work its just i get great hours and i like everyone i work with

  11. Nyabby Reply:

    I need good examples of situations…to see how a potential employee would handle it. For example, road rage, upset customers, etc.

    I want someone with integrity, loyalty, things like that, skills can be learned but an honest, hardworking, ACCOUNTABLE employee is hard to come by.

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