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Is Pregabalin a Narcotic

You may have such questions as Is Pregabalin a Narcotic Drug and What Is Pregabalin Used for,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Lyrica. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Is Pregabalin Made of,too. Read more as following:

Pregabalin is not a narcotic. I know from my pharmacology class that narcotics are opiate based drugs. Pregabalin is not an opiate, and therefore, it is not a narcotic.

What is Pregabalin used for?

Treating fibromyalgia or nerve pain caused by certain conditions... More »

What is Lyrica?

Lyrica is a prescription drug that is used for epileptic patients. The active ingredient in this drug is pregabalin. Once your start taking Lyrica you should continue to take it under your doctors supervision or your seizures can come back.... More »

Is lyrica an opiate?

No its non narcotic.... More »

What are lyrica and cymbalta used to treat?

Lyrica and Cymbalta reduce pain and improve function in people with fibrom...... More »


  1. Dobie Reply:


  2. Janelle Bows Reply:


  3. Imanibee Reply:
  4. Gueroz28 Reply:
  5. Jeff Reply:

    Someone I know is out of their neurontin about 2 weeks early and is an addict of prescription narcotics. Is this a risk for this medication also?

  6. Thugnificient555 Reply:

    my Mom has this and no doctor has been able to help.

  7. Jordyy Reply:
  8. Invisible Reply:

    I’ve been going through the symptoms of this condition for almost 14 years.All the doctors I see are careless.They always prescribe me medicine that doesn’t work and makes me feel funny . The pain gets worst over the years.Please if you know anything about this help me out . Thanks

  9. Carole Reply:

    I’ve been abusing Lyrica for about five years now and really want to come off it. I’ve try’d several times to stop but I get really sick. I’m scared to death, does anyone have any answers besides throwing in the towel and going to a detox center, please.

  10. Spike_1920 Reply:

    my dr prescribed both the Fentanyl patches 50 mcg/hr and percocet 10-325. he said to try them and see which works better. to be honest I’ve had many different types of meds and the pain still doesn’t go away. Anybody have similar situations and have ideas?

  11. Jarrred Reply:

    I get scripts for it and I realize very well the high you can most assuredly get from taking them. Wonder when everyone is is actually going to figure it It’s VERY easy to a prescription for as well.

  12. Heather White Reply:

    My dad is taking warferine and Co codamol for pain in his legs due to diabetes.. The co codamol are not effective enough to deal with the pain. Are there any stronger pain relief he can take?

  13. Loran Reply:
  14. Dog Lover Reply:

    I have sciatica, real bad. My problem is narcotic pain meds work real good for the pain but I am very busy building a financial business and I need to be sharp when I talk to people and not “looped” on pain meds and most times normal pain relievers can’t touch the pain. What can be done?

  15. Jennie Reply:

    I’d like to visit Norway from the US. I take a number of prescription medications, only one of which is controlled under US law. Where can I find a list of medicines legal to possess with a prescription in Norway? The only controlled drug I take is Lyrica (pregabalin) for neuropathy.

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