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Where to Find Marijuana

You may have such questions as Where Does Marijuana Grow and Where To Find Marijuana,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Can I Find Marijuana. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Where to Buy Marijuana on the Street,too. Read more as following:

If you are looking where to find marijuana, you will first need to obtain a prescription from a medical doctor within a state that allows for its use, and then fill the prescription at a dispensary.

Where does Marijuana Grow?

Marijuana grows in many places. Sometimes it grows freely in farm areas. Other times it is grow hydroponically inside of peoples houses. In most states, it is illegal to grow marijuana.... More »

Where to Find Marijuana?

You can find marijuana in several ways. You can find people selling it downtown, at parks and events. You can grow your own if you are able to. You can get a doctor to prescribed it for medical use and by it from a dispensary.... More »

Where can I Find Marijuana?

Since marijuana is illegal, you would have to have a prescription to legally get it from you doctor. Any other way can land you in jail, or even prison.... More »

Where is Marijuana Found?

Marijuana can be grown or found just about anywhere. It's basically just a plant with the needs of a plant; light, water, soil, and air. Just as you wouldn't go rolling around in poison ivy (another plant), it's best to keep your distance from mariju... More »

Where can I Find Pics of Marijuana? has a wide array of pictures that are organized in logical categories in order for the viewer to find the specific picture they are looking for. Hopefully the need is due to a project for school! Although it has come to my atten... More »

Where can I Find a Picture of Marijuana?

Marijuana is an illegal drug that can be found pretty much anywhere in the United States. The drug is sometimes used as a medicinal drug. You can find a picture of marijuana in many places. Try an encyclopedia. Another place to look is in clothing st... More »


  1. Tejaswini Reply:

    Marijuana and alcohol have relatively the same adverse affects on people and also both promote laziness. They also have medical benefits each. So why is alcohol legal while marijuana is not?

  2. Constanlene Reply:

    I live in Boston, Massachusetts, I am going to grow marijuana outdoors this summer. I am very new tyo growing and need tips on growing in general. Also, I need to know what kind of seed are best for growing in this kind of climate. Thank you, any help is appreciated.

  3. Bobjoefredsky Reply:

    Obviosly, marijuana has quite a few positives. However, I just want to discuss the medical effects of marijuana. There already is a legal drug called Marinol which contains THC. Why should we legalize marijuana then, if people that REALLY need it already have an alternative?

  4. Dj.skitlz Reply:

    I want to bring at least $2,000 worth of marijuana and I have a medical marijuana card, so is this a good reason to bring it into america. Im specifically coming from toronto going to n.y.

  5. Westielover199511 Reply:

    The legalization of medical marijuana is on the November ballot in Massachusetts. As of now it looks like it will be passed by a large margin. Assuming it is passed in November, how long will it take for dispensaries to open?

  6. Mr.teamonmyback Reply:

    A friend wants to grow marijuana for his own personal use. What is the legal limit of plants one may cultivate at ant given time in the state of California?
    Thanks to all who answer.

  7. Tory Reply:

    How much marijuana do they give cancer patients at one time for their symptoms? Also, how often do they get it? Thanks in advance.

  8. Skye Reply:

    My paper topic is about marijuana and I’m supposed to choose a side to represent, defend, and convince of, but the legalization of marijuana just seems too cliche and common. What are some other possible theses relating to marijuana in the United States?

  9. Brynn Reply:

    Im doing a presentation on Marijuana and I have to lecture the class on what marijuana has that’s good for people and I guess is good because isn’t it given in medication too?

  10. Wessbro Reply:

    I have a marijuana plant growing right now. i planted three seeds and only one sprouted. now, here is my question. can i (if female) grow it without haveing a male plant around? if so how lon before i should harvestt?

  11. Madison Miller Reply:

    I’ve been around marijuana and have had some marijuana on one occasion, I am required to take a medical examination to apply for the police force. How long does marijuana stay in your body? So I can take the examination without any traces being found.

  12. Artificialdragon Reply:

    If marijuana didn’t kill anyone while tobacco killed millions, what is the difference between smoking marijuana and tobacco on your lungs?

  13. Dog Lover Reply:

    How come marijuana makes my eyes and ears feel good? Does this happen to anyone else? Please if you’re against weed keep your comments to yourself. Thanks.

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