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Why Should Drugs Not be Legal

You may have such questions as What Drugs Are Legal In Amsterdam and Why Should Drugs be Legalized,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Are Drugs Legal. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Why Should Drugs Remain Illegal,too. Read more as following:

Drugs should not be legal because they can be addicting and can ruin people’s lives. If they were legal, more people would do them because they would think it was acceptable to do them. I have an uncle who used drugs and it ruined his family. He lost his home, his wife and kids, and his job. He ended up having to live with a friend at the age of 45. It was awful but he was the one who chose the drugs over everything else.

What drugs are legal in amsterdam?

The drugs that are legal in Amsterdam are what they call soft drugs and include cannabis, mushrooms, and hash. Hard drugs such as cocaine, LSD, and heroine are illegal. ... More »

Why Should Drugs be Legalized?

It would depend on which drugs you would like legalized. Marijuana could be legalized because we have many more serious criminals who need to be in prison versus those who are in for marijuana offenses. The government could start collecting taxes on... More »

Where are Drugs Legal?

Drugs are legal everywhere in the world, as long as they are acquired legally through a licensed physician and for specific problems that the dr is treating you for.... More »

What are Legal Drugs?

Legal drugs are drugs that are prescribed by a doctor or that can be found and purchased in society. Alcohol is a legal drug but has stipulations on purchasing and consuming it.... More »

What Drugs are Legal in Mexico?

For the most part, anything less than one gram of narcotic such as heroin is allowable. So is marijuana, LSD and other opiate drugs, to the equivalent of two pills' worth.... More »

How to buy legal drugs online?

1. Get a valid prescription. Although Web sites exist offering prescription drugs without a prescription from your own doctor, almost all of them are illegal. Check carefully through a reliable source like to see if they are legit... More »


  1. Kyla Webb Reply:

    I here all the time that if Usa made drug legal the violence would stop………..wrong Because the criminal arent going to go out and get a job. They will find another way to rob and cheat.

  2. Hailey George Reply:

    Think making Drugs LEGAL will stop that? How? make them Foo-Stam Eligible?

  3. Missi Pollender Reply:

    For example – under british law you would have various laws such as – no drinking and driving, no murder, no selling drugs, legal alcohol age laws, legal sex age laws ect.

    What would be the rules for a person living under sharia law?

  4. I Feel Better Reply:

    then shouldn’t they make all the other drugs legal? Imagine how much more money they’d make the government!

    And, yes, tobacco is a drug.

  5. Axiom Reply:

    How many people use drugs (legal or illegal) in illegal ways. Please give a numerical answer. If you choose to give a percent, please also convert it to a number.

  6. Nancy Reply:

    End the war completely and have all drugs legal and unregulated even for kids and while driving?

  7. Yash Reply:

    Which drugs are legal in jumping competitions in the US and Canada? (for a school project)

  8. Olivia Reply:

    I have to write an essay on the effects of drugs on the brain and I was wondering: after taking drugs (legal or otherwise) does the drug make it to the bloodstream and therefore spreads throughout the body or does it go to the brain? Does it depend on how it’s taken?

  9. Lucas Carlton Reply:

    Which drugs are legal in jumping competitions in the US and Canada?
    (for a school project)

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