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How do I Donate a Testicle

You may have such questions as Where Can I Donate A Testicle and How Much To Donate A Testicle,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Do You Get For A Testicle Donation. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

There are often times when donating a testicle for scientific research can pay off in numerous of ways. If you want to donate your testicle it is best to go to the doctor and get a consultation done. They will then help with informing you with instructions of the surgery and how the excision will be performed.

Where can I Donate a Testicle?

First let me say then when you donate your testicle there is no compensation it is strictly for medical purposes and a donation would of course indicate there is no financial gain. With that being said you can donate a testicle at many hospitals or m... More »

How much to donate a testicle?

it will cost you a testicle.... More »

How much do you get for a testicle donation?

Despite rumors of a $300,000 payout for donating a testicle, no you cannot. The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (Public Law 98-507) prohibits the sale of all human organs and tissues, including testicles. Furthermore, there has never been a suc... More »

How much do you get for donating a testicle?

Federal law in the US prohibits receiving any sort of compensation for "donating" any type of organ. In fact, even the plasma and blood that is purchased can only be used for laboratory testing.... More »

How much money can you get for donating a testicle?

if you donate it to me ill give you $5... More »

Where can I donate a testicle for money?

Sorry, but you can't sell your testicle. It is illegal to cell body parts for...... More »


  1. mckenzie nelson Reply:

    im mtf as well im looking also how to donate both testicals for cash im getting srs done in 2 weeks march 3rd to be exact please if any of u have any information please let me no thank u

  2. Pavan Reply:

    Can I donate the extra one to some testicle bank or something? Will that qualify for tax deductions?

  3. Priti Reply:

    He asks you to donate one of your testicles to him for saving your life, do you do it?
    Well, if you don’t have any then don’t answer the fu¢king question!

  4. Gibbon82 Reply:

    Testicles and all?

  5. Madison Reply:

    I’m just wondering if there is a way a man could donate sperm without reversing a vasectomy- is there a way to extract it?

  6. Jaliyah Reply:

    Im a 14 year old boy the first male in my family to ever have testicular torsion. If my testicles die could i have another male family member donate sperm in a fertility clinic. I’m planning on having kids when I get older.

  7. Joey Leachman Reply:

    Or will the gender reasignment operation be available in the near future ?
    Not that I expect that they can ever produce offspring, but they will look more completlely masculine, even possibly with testicles too.

  8. Lakisha S Reply:

    Let’s say that I lost my testicles in an accident, and I got one donated to me. Assuming that they even COULD transplant a testicle, would that donor testicle produce DNA from the donor? Or once it got inside of me, and my body accepted it, would it start producing MY DNA?

  9. Saiyamara Reply:

    My sperm count is relatively low and I am attempting to donate to a sperm bank. Are there any natural methods for me to increase my sperm count?

    Thanks :)

  10. S Reply:

    My husband Is wanting to sell a testicle, and we have searched the web up and down. We cant find any info or usefull links and we were wondering if anyone would have any useful info. I’d like to if anyone knows anything about this process.

  11. Sami Reply:

    I know its weird but I have heard for too long that I can donate one of my testicles for like 10,000 dollars or something. I am healthy as a horse and I was wondering can I donate like a kidney or other things for money?

  12. Sophio Reply:

    If Obama wanted to eliminate the national debt through donations, and had a day where the top 100 bidders got to kick him in the testicle, how much would you bid?

  13. Sky Sixx Reply:

    I heard that an adult testicle is worth $250,000- $500,000. I don’t think that this is correct so how much would a person get if they sold one?

  14. Kyla Reply:

    Let’s say I donated/illegally sold my left testicle. If the dude had sex and conceived a baby, could the baby technically be my biological kid?
    I’m completely serious? Go google “sell testicle.”.

  15. Rahul Reply:

    i was told that you could donate a testicle for science and theyll give you $50,000 for doing so. is this true or is this just a myth? if so where can you do it?

  16. Kortni Reply:

    I want to donate one of my testicle for money

  17. Joe C Reply:

    An old friend of mine donated a testicle for 32,000 dollars. I have read other stories on the internet about people donating organs for money. Does anyone know any sites/organizations, or should I call a hospital…?

  18. Wrapped In Plastic Reply:

    Hi. I Live In Texas. I have 2 kids Im married and just lost my job. we are in a tight situation and i was wondering how much money can i get for donating 1 testicle And where can i go to have it done

  19. Christina Reply:

    Would donate my testicles to someone if they needed. Just want to know they didn’t go to waste since i prefer female equipment anyway. I plan to have SRS and would like to help a man or woman in need of something i could supply. Contact me if interested in this free gift.

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