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Are there symptoms of leukemia?

Pain in bones & joints, swollen lymph nod!!! More?? It is best to see a doctor, as such symptoms could be something else! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Heide Reply:

    As with most cancers, leukemia's cause is unknown. The disease affects Sometimes there are no warning signs or symptoms of leukemia. Doctors first detect it Source:

  2. Deana Reply:

    Dec 17, 2010 There are several different types of leukemia. Chronic leukemia gets worse slowly and may not cause symptoms for years. It may be

  3. Annelle Reply:

    Look for loss of appetite and gradual weight loss. If your feline has lost the hunger for favorite treats and avoids eating therefore losing weight, it could be a sign of feline leukemia symptoms. Check your cat’s coat condition regularly. … Source:

  4. Jamey Reply:

    Leukemia symptoms are as diverse as the types and subtypes of leukemia. Many people mistakenly associate leukemia with children. Unfortunately, leukemia can come at nearly any age. Leukemia refers to a set of cancers that attacks the body’s… Source:

  5. Santana Reply:

    Leukemia symptoms include: fatigue, malaise (a vague feeling of body wide discomfort), abnormal bleeding, excessive bruising, weakness, weight loss, bone or joint pain, infection and fever, abdominal pain or ‘fullness’, enlarged spleen, lym… Source:

  6. Vennie Reply:

    i seem to have all the leukemia symptoms exept for weight? ? I’ve been to many websites and loss. could i have leukemia possibly i seem to have a lot of the symptoms. the only

  7. Berry Reply:

    Possible symptoms of anemia:Chest painDizziness or light-headedness (especially when standing up or with activity)Fatigue or lack of energyHeadachesProblems concentratingShortness of breath (especially during exerciseConstipationProblems thinkingTinglingPossible symptoms of leukemia:Fever or chillsPersistent fatigue, weaknessFrequent infectionsLosing weight without tryingSwollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleenEasy bleeding or bruisingTiny red spots in your skin (petechiae)Excessive sweating, especially at nightBone pain or tenderness

  8. Jenifer Reply:

    The Symptoms of Leukemia in Children. by: TheDoctors 1:54 minutes. Leukemia causes more childhood deaths than any other cancer, but there is hope.

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