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How do you stop leukemia?

Treatment for your leukemia depends on many factors! A doctor determines treatment options! Common treatments used to fight leukemia include: Chemotherapy, Biological therapy, Targeted therapy, Radiation therapy, and Stem cell transplant! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Velva Reply:

    Finally, the platelets are designed to help form blood clots to stop bleeding in the case of injury. In leukemia, the bone marrow begins to produce irregular white Source:

  2. Fallon Reply:

    There is actually a way to stop it but it is very very hard, its chances are almost the same as finding a suitable donor. The process takes time and money as well. In our blood, there is something that is lack of, that is why leukemia happe

  3. Cherilyn Reply:

    keep all cats away from each other Source:

  4. Kerri Reply:

    Here is Molly’s story? When I think of the horror movie "The Ring," I remember what one of my friends said, which explained why she was so afraid of the movie: "It doesn’t choose those who are young or old, or sick or healthy, it just choos… Source:

  5. Pennie Reply:

    It means the medicine no longer worked. Source:

  6. Myesha Reply:

    What does it mean to stop responding to Leukemia treatments? In the movie A Walk To Remember, Jamie told Landon that she “stopped responding to treatments”. Does that mean tha

  7. Leonila Reply:

    Just go see another doctor for a complete blood test and checkup! Describe any symptoms you may be having and let him diagnose you! No one here can do that because you need to be clinically examined!LY refers to lymphoid or lymphocytes, the cells of the immune system! A blast can refer to normal mature white cells or immature white cells! There is no way to tell from your description what is meant by this report! It needs to be interpreted by a doctor! But, in general terms , leukemia would have too many immature white blood cells (leukocytes ), too few red blood cells and too few platlets! Without the rest of the information contained in the report LY blasts do not clearly indicate a diagnosis! There is also a possibility of a false reading ! ! so you should go to another doctor and ask to repeat the tests!If your doctor suspected leukemia he would have referred you to a pediatric hematologist/oncologist for further testing!But, if you are still concerned about this it is probably time to seek out a second opinion!

  8. Gilda Reply:

    Leukemia starts in the bone marrow—the soft, spongy material inside bones How often does a car stop at a stop? Often, because there are a lot of traffic lights

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