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How is leukemia treated?

It is called leukemia, and the most common treatments for leukemia are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or bone marrow transplantation! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Esther Reply:

    Grade A stuff. I’m ununtseioqably in your debt.

  2. Lawanda Reply:

    How to Treat Leukemia. The goal of treatment is remission, that is, a return to a somewhat more normal white blood cell (WBC) count. These are the most Source:

  3. Anabel Reply:

    you would most likely die…yeah you would die… cant live without your white blood cells Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation. Source:

  4. Claire Reply:

    According to, feline leukemia is a type of cancer that presents itself in cats infected with the feline leukemia (FeLV) virus. The contagious FeLV virus is considered a "retrovirus" and it is specific only to cats. Although… Source:

  5. Neda Reply:

    It will depend on the type and severity of leukemia a person has as to how they and their doctors will decide how to treat it. Some kind of chemotherapy is often done. For some, a bone marrow transplant may be needed. Source:

  6. Annamae Reply:

    can leukemia be treated with only chemotherapy?

  7. Yelena Reply:

    I had leukemia twice and both times I received three stages of chemotherapy per round so a total of 9 stages of chemo! I was treated completely in inpatient! I was put in an area where the air was filtered! I was behind two big blast doors! At times I was the only one back there! I couldnt leave my room nor have any visitors when my white blood cell count was lower then !4 which was just about all the time! They put a hickman into my artery though surgery so they could draw blood without poking me with a needle! They checked my vitals every 4 hours (blood preasure and tempature)! I was put into the ICU (intensive care unit) where I was monitered 24/7! I had a intensinal infection but I had no white blood cells to fight it! I had bone marrow biopsys (stick a needle up your bone and draw out some marrow) and I also had spinal taps (sitck a needle up your spine and draw out some fluid and inject chemo into the spinal fluid)! My second time I had radiation both cranial (head) and TBI (total body irradiation) to destroy my bone marrow because I was going to have a bone marrow transplant! I went through the same ammount of chemo as the first time! the only difference was the radiation! It felt warm kinda like a hot tub except you cant move otherwise you could quite possibly die! The radiation machine looked like a kitchen mixer blender thingy without the blender tool! (I cook alot! HA! Yea right) For two days they woke me up every hour on the hour to see if I had to go to the bathroom! Ummm!!! food tasted nasty and smelled worse! I could smell in my fathers breath from across the room if he had coffee or not! Chemo gives you super scent! I had strange cravings! One night I wanted a sandwitch (which was extremely odd) at 11 at night! My mother walked 4 blocks in her pajamas to the store to get the sandwitch ingredients in a minnisota snow storm! If you have anymore questions about cancer I dont mind talking about it one bit! E-mail me and Ill answer them as best as a two time survivor can!andyistougherthannailsyahoo!com

  8. Dung Reply:

    There are several types of leukemia, and treatment varies by type. Use the link below to review the Wikipedia post that speaks to this question. The post is brief

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