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How long does it take for a person to get better from Leukemia?

Leukemia is a type of cancer! The doctor will design a treatment plan and follow up plan based on the type of Leukemia & severity! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Latisha Reply:

    More posts of this qutiyal. Not the usual c***, please

  2. jeffrey ross Reply:

    sorry this happen to you I have hiv and i can never be cured and i am sorry for what happen to you keep strong through this and prayer with god

  3. Louanne Reply:

    Take note of unexplained headaches and/or confusion. Does your child have a tendency to bleed or bruise easily? which are the body's infection fighters, the WBCs of a person with leukemia are immature and unable to fight off diseases. Source:

  4. Melodie Reply:

    You may want to talk with your doctor about taking part in a clinical trial, a research People with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who do not have symptoms may be able . However, you may want to discuss with your doctor the possible long-term . Symptoms include redness, warmth, and hardening of the skin, as well as

  5. Lane Reply:

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  6. Jacki Reply:

    You can become a better person by first deciding that’s what you want to do. However, we cannot become better people all by ourselves. Reading the Bible and asking God to help are the best ways to become a better individual. Source:

  7. Erma Reply:

    The person that discovered leukemia was Dr. Velpeau in 1827 who diagnosed a patient with leukemia because of the the symptoms. Alfred Donne and french doctor was the first to describe leukemia as a cancer. You can find more information here… Source:

  8. Karena Reply:

    not sure what stage.not sure what type.just had a baby.

  9. Reta Reply:

    Im so sorry this happened to you!:( You did not deserve any of that but sometimes innocent people have bad things thrown their way! You obviously want to live and make it through and have and incredible strength that I admire! You are beautiful inside and im sure the outside matches!:) Dont stress about weight! unless you are at a point where you will die if you dont lose it or it is interfering with your life (you cant walk, ect!) then dont stress! You CAN continue on, because you so strong and worth having here on this earth, sometimes we just need to be reminded of that! think of all the people you can help! All the things you can do! all the great music to listen to! DONT GIVE UP! try writting down your feelings and listening to music mabey?? or talking to someone you trust!?? You can messege me if you want to talk! see! a complete stranger cares! you know there are others that do to, and hopefully some in your life?? good luck!:) life is tough but worth it!

  10. Avril Reply:

    I had Leukemia for four years; it can vary for each person! Many people have gone into complete remission from leukemia, and were completely cured. well up to 3 hors or more you big dummy use your head for once Does a joint bank account member have the right to take more than his share of the money in the bank

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