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How many people survive leukemia a year?

Almost 30,000 cases of leukemia are diagnosed in the United States each year! Survival rate depends on type, but all are high! Any Suggestions here?


  1. norma gacia Reply:

    how many people die of leukemia? how many survive?

  2. Arletta Reply:

    Many people survive many years after a BMT, and significant percentage enjoy a year for conditions like leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, anemia and. Source:

  3. Meghann Reply:

    Almost 30000 cases are diagnosed in the United States each year. In many cases, people in the early stages of leukemia have no obvious symptoms. . The 5-year survival rate for all patients with ALL has risen from 4 percent in the 1960s

  4. Jeanette Reply:

    Survival of Leukemia is strongly linked to age at diagnosis and the type of leukemia. Source:

  5. Chasidy Reply:

    Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL): 66.1 percent overall; 91.2 percent for children under 5. Source:

  6. Daisey Reply:

    The 5 year survival rate for leukemia is 50%. This number has increased from 14% in 1960. Children with leukemia have a higher survival rate than adults. Source:

  7. Taylor Reply:

    Do people survive the first stage of leukemia? MY girl friend was recently told that she was in diagnosed with leukemia and doctors first stage. I am really depressed and I re

  8. Treva Reply:

    Im sorry to hear thisI was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 3 aswellIt depends on the type, if its ALL (which is the most common) thats easiest to cure, there is a very high survival rate with ALLAML and APL are more aggressive (I had AML) they can still be cured thoughLeukemia is treated with chemotherapy! If the patient replases, then a bone marrow transplant may be needed!All the best

  9. Nakita Reply:

    How many people survive leukemia a year? How many people die a year from leukemia? How many years can Earth survive if people don't save it?

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