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How many people survive leukemia?

Lots of people survive leukemia! From 1999-2005, the 5-year survival rates overall were 66!3% for acute lymphocitic leukemia, 78!8% for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, 23!4% for acute myelogenous leukemia, and 53!3% for chronic myelogenous leukemia! Any Suggestions here?


  1. jackie Reply:

    my nan is 73 years old, recently she has become very ill. her hands are very swallon, it hurts to more.she is in pain. the nurse has taken blood test and they came back with high white blood cells. im worried it could be leukemia? she is booked in to see the spealist friday.

  2. Terra Reply:

    Many people survive many years after a BMT, and significant percentage enjoy a Bone marrow transplant (BMT), a treatment for patients with leukemia, Source:

  3. Mammie Reply:

    Not medical advice: From 1999-2005, the five-year survival rate for leukemia patients was 54% (more than half survive for 5 years). Varies by type of leukemia.

  4. Sherron Reply:

    Survival of Leukemia is strongly linked to age at diagnosis and the type of leukemia. Source:

  5. Jolanda Reply:

    Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL): 66.1 percent overall; 91.2 percent for children under 5. Source:

  6. Ethelyn Reply:

    The 5 year survival rate for leukemia is 50%. This number has increased from 14% in 1960. Children with leukemia have a higher survival rate than adults. Source:

  7. Mora Reply:

    Do people survive the first stage of leukemia? MY girl friend was recently told that she was in diagnosed with leukemia and doctors first stage. I am really depressed and I re

  8. Latisha Reply:

    Im sorry to hear thisI was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 3 aswellIt depends on the type, if its ALL (which is the most common) thats easiest to cure, there is a very high survival rate with ALLAML and APL are more aggressive (I had AML) they can still be cured thoughLeukemia is treated with chemotherapy! If the patient replases, then a bone marrow transplant may be needed!All the best

  9. Christal Reply:

    Quite a lot of people suffer from Leukemia worlwide.To get a clear pictuire, please ask about a specific type of leukemia (by age, country). One can check webs

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