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What are symptoms of leukemia for humans?

The symptoms of leukemia depend on the number of leukemia cells and where these people with chronic leukemia may not have symptoms! Thanks, on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shondra Reply:

    How to Identify Leukemia Symptoms. Leukemia symptoms are as diverse as the types and subtypes of leukemia. Many people mistakenly associate leukemia Source:

  2. Reina Reply:

    Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore 15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore However, only a few people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia have a father, mother,

  3. Alia Reply:

    Leukemia symptoms are as diverse as the types and subtypes of leukemia. Many people mistakenly associate leukemia with children. Unfortunately, leukemia can come at nearly any age. Leukemia refers to a set of cancers that attacks the body’s… Source:

  4. Holley Reply:

    Leukemia is not spread among humans. It is a form of cancer, not a contagious disease. Although there are many possible causes to cancer, such as smoking and sun exposure, no one knows exactly why people get cancer. Source:

  5. Tashina Reply:

    Some symptoms of leukemia is bone and joint pain. A full feeling right below your ribs. You may suffer from a fever and infections. You will also being to bruise and bleed easily. Source:

  6. Nydia Reply:

    i seem to have all the leukemia symptoms exept for weight? ? I’ve been to many websites and loss. could i have leukemia possibly i seem to have a lot of the symptoms. the only

  7. Annette Reply:

    I dont know about the leukemia, but your doctors are super silly when it comes to the pituitary!What pituitary tests were run – do you have copies?? Your anxiety and weight loss sound like you have low cortisol! That would cause your symptoms! Is your BP low?? The tests for low cortisol include cortisol, ACTH, renin, aldosterone, dhea sulfate, potassium, sodium as a basic!!!There are lots of tests for pituitary – and if they are not done at the right time and done correctly, you can appear ok! I know – I have pituitary issues myself and lab error held me back for years!

  8. Wendie Reply:

    The resulting symptoms include fatigue, pallor, infections, bruising and bleeding, and discomfort caused by enlarged organs. In humans, the term leukemia

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