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What are the odds of beating leukemia?

Depending on which type and how early the Leukemia is found will determine the odds of beating it! Some leukemias have a much higher cure rate than others! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hedwig Reply:

    goes without relapsing, the better his or her chances are of beating lymphoma. According to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 245000 people are alive Source:

  2. Alberta Reply:

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  4. Librada Reply:

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  6. Charis Reply:

    need a real opinion

  7. Glayds Reply:

    No one can tell you any odds, especially without knowing what kind of leukemia it is! There are several kinds of leukemia, and then within those categories are yet more sub-categories!Generally, acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the more common kind in childhood, and has a very high survival rate (its somewhere around 85% but that changes depending on early response to treatment, age, gender, white blood cell count at diagnosis, and cytogenetics!) Treatment for ALL is long (around 3 years for boys) and hard, but typically successful!He may have AML, though! AML is not quite as easily treated, but it, too can be treated and people do survive! Treatment is shorter but more intense!It would be quite unusual for him to have a chronic leukemia, though not unheard of! Teens can get CML, which can be controlled with an oral medication in the early stages, which can last for many, many years! This is not technically a curable leukemia, but it can be managed quite like a chronic illness long term!Again, though, without knowing the kind of leukemia and all the surrounding factors, its impossible to tell! And then, even when you can determine stats and percentages, they basically mean nothing when applied to an individual person!

  8. Barbar Reply:

    I am a living example that Leukemia can be beat. I still have a long way to go in terms of recovery, and the chance that it can come back will always be there;

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