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What is the survival rate for people with leukemia?

The overall survival rate for people with Leukemia is now about 50 percent! In 1960 it was only 14 percent! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ayako Reply:

    Leukemia can be an incredibly serious problem and only has about a 51 percent survival rate among children, depending on the type they are diagnosed with. Source:

  2. Racheal Reply:

    The overall survival rate over all kinds of leukemia is now about 50%, with highest rates occurring in children with ALL type.

  3. Suzan Reply:

    The 5-year survival rate for Leukemia in children has greatly increased over time and is now more than 80%. Source:

  4. Era Reply:

    1996-2004 relative survival rates overall were: Acute lymphocytic leukemia: 66.1 percent overall; 91.2 percent for children MORE Source:

  5. Ryan Reply:

    The 5 year survival rate for leukemia is 50%. This number has increased from 14% in 1960. Children with leukemia have a higher survival rate than adults. Source:

  6. Gabriele Reply:

    What is the average survival rate average survival rate for all for people with leukemia? Please help me find the types of leukemia. P.S. please provide me with a source for m

  7. Piper Reply:


  8. Serena Reply:

    Chronic leukemia mostly occurs in older people, but can theoretically occur in any age The survival rates vary by age: 85% in children and 50% in adults.

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