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How does Reading Affect Your Life

You may have such questions as How does Reading Affect the Brain and How Do Drugs Affect Your Life,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does The Sun Affect Life On Earth. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Does Reading Books Affect Brain Activity,too. Read more as following:

Reading affects your life in a very knowledgeable way. Reading gives you great knowledge of many things in our history and daily lives. We can learn a lot by reading different subjects.

How does Reading Affect the Brain?

Reading affects the brain by keeping it active. Reading is exercise to your brain just as physical exercise is to your body. To keep your brain sharp and alert it needs to be active and reading does this by stimulating the brain.... More »

How do Drugs Affect Your Life?

If someone is to become addicted to drugs, they will usually overrule your life. They will become the most important thing, and an obsession.... More »

How does the Sun Affect Life on Earth?

The sun effects live in many ways. It can range from the temperature to how our plants grow. The sun also controls the wind and effects the weather. Did you know that scientist predict the sun will burn out in 4 billion years?... More »

How does Technology Affect Daily Life?

How does technology NOT affect daily life? Think about how your day would be without and alarm clock, windsheild wipers, a wrist watch, a cell phone, the morning news, traffic lights, a fridgerator or a coffee maker. And before you even get to work.... More »

How does Density Affect Everyday Life?

Basically an object that is heavy has more density then a lighter object. Density determines the weight of everything on Earth. As in a bowling ball, it has more density then a baseball. ... More »

How do Oil Spills Affect Marine Life?

There have been 35 oil spills since 1979 and that should have been prevented. Marine life is affected by oil spills basically from suffocation. Those at most risk are those animals on top of the surface such as ducks and penguins. For more informatio... More »


  1. Haruka Chan Reply:

    I have been reading up on autism, but I still do not fully understand how it affects someones everyday life.
    And also just tell me more about autism.

  2. Sabrina Baker Reply:

    Was there any book (besides “Twilight” or any of its sequels!) that had a major impact on your life? And what role does reading play for you in general?
    @ life long love: It is not surprising, then, that I indeed am a teacher – although my exams won’t take place before summer.

  3. Brandon Rodriguez Reply:

    I’m writing about the potential effects of global warming..

    I read that there would be a decrease in the pH of the ocean, because of the change in carbon levels.. I know that would make the ocean more acidic.. but how would that affect sea life?

    Any chemistry nerds here? :)

  4. Madi Critchfield Reply:

    Do they satisfy your curiosity?Do they somehow affect your way of thinking or possibly your whole lifestyle?

  5. Ms. Bee Reply:

    I want to read some inspirational books that will affect my life in some way. I enjoyed “Into the Wild” because it taught me to love nature and admire life more.

  6. Kitty Evans Reply:

    How does having limited access to reading affect not only one’s ability to function in the world but one’s very sense of freedom?

  7. Nathan M Reply:

    does charging it when its not low bat affect battery life? and does not fully charging it affect battery life as well?

  8. Ii Reply:

    How WWII affected the lives of women and African Americans?

  9. Dan Reply:

    If anyone has read Of Mice and Men I need some quotes that describe the relationship between George and Lennie and Candy and his dog. Like how much they have affected the others life.
    They don’t have to be from the book or anything. I just need a quote said by anyone.

  10. Vicki Reply:

    Could it at some point affect life insurance, medical insurance and the future treatment you will receive from the healthcare professions ?

  11. Bryan Mills Reply:

    I know thats the period of flappers, but how did it really affect the lives of women in America?

  12. Adele Reply:

    I have to write an essay about the 1919 Red Scare. I’ve read and re-read my textbook section about it, but it doesn’t give me quite the information I need. I’ve looked it up online too, but I can’t find how it affected the lives of immigrants in the US. I’d really appreciate more info! Thanks!

  13. Luvbug! Reply:

    Please be as descriptive as possible.
    Explain how often you read and the outcomes of it looking back.
    I’m especially interested in childhood reading.

  14. Married With Children Reply:

    Im doing a science report and we have to find out how the populations lives would be affected if aluminium was unavailable, so to anyone reading this how would it affect your life?

  15. Souheila Reply:

    I just read some ridiculous answer about how Ted Bundy’s reading of playboy affected many lives. can someone please explain how reading playboy leads to violent/inhumane acts? I just cant see the connection.
    imagine if Ted had read Swank or Penthouse-which are much better reads.

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