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Why do my Windows Sweat

You may have such questions as Why Do Windows Sweat and How To Keep Sweat From Windows,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Causes Sweat On Walls Windows. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Sweating Windows Repair,too. Read more as following:

My windows do sweat when it gets cold outside. The windows I have are not energy efficient. They sweat from the moisture when the weather becomes cold.

Why do windows sweat?

Windows sweat because of what is called condensation. Condensation will develop when the humidity inside a building increases as the temperatures outside the building decrease.... More »

How to keep sweat from windows?

1. Reduce moisture in your home. For example, shut off any humidifiers and run dehumidifiers instead. Take shorter showers and always use the exhaust fan when showering. Cover cooking pots when cooking and install a vapor barrier in your crawl space... More »

What causes sweat on walls & windows?

Condensation inside a home is normal. The tighter a window seal is, the more condensation you will see on the inside of the window if the inside air is moister and hotter than the outside air. Condensation between the panes of double paned windows, h... More »

How to paint aluminum windows that sweat?

1. Clean your window frames with a clean cloth, removing cobwebs and debris. Wash the aluminum with a mild detergent, such a dish soap and water. Use an old toothbrush to remove gunk from the grooves. Although these small areas are not readily visibl... More »

Why do my windows sweat?

Humidity in the home can cause windows to sweat. Use a dehumidifier to help eliminate the moisture in the air, which can condense on the windows. Be sure to empty the water container regularly. Depending on how humid it is inside your home, you may h... More »

Why do my windows sweat in the winter?

In the winter, the warmer interior air is generally filled with water vapor, or moisture, called humidity. When this warm water vapor contacts the cold, interior surface of the window, the window surface acts like a dehumidifier, removing the moistur... More »


  1. Madisun Reply:

    I have a basement apartment and it smells mouldy at times and the windows really sweat, what are some cheap ways of fixing the problem

  2. Lioness Reply:

    i live in south louisiana and its hot as hell. I dont want to use foil because it makes a sticky film after a while and of course windows will sweat when the weather changes

  3. Karan Reply:

    I am tired of my aluminum windows sweating every time it gets cold. Who wants to wipe down the sill all of the time. It is time to upgrade. I know there are a lot of options out there so some personal recommendations would help. Thanks in advance!

  4. Jerome Reply:

    I live in an apartment in a cold reagon (Alaska) and my landlord will not upgrade the windows. They sweat in the winter and the condisation quickly turns to mold.

  5. Manuel Reply:

    the windows sweat in the winter and mold on wood around each pane,(40 of them) any suggestions?

  6. Nick Reply:

    Im pretty sure we have black mold starting around the windows. The inside of our windows sweat in the winter immensily. I want a second opinion on what it is, how bad it is because i don’t know if the owner(my landlord) is being straight with me when I bring it up.

  7. Anthony Monteleone Reply:

    tjis happens in the winter,the windows sweat and the mold grows…what to do?

  8. Mahmoud Reply:

    In high heat and humidity some of my double paned windows sweat on the outside while others near by don’t.

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