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How can I Make Fingernail Polish Remover

You may have such questions as How to Remove Fingernail Polish and How To Make Fingernail Polish Remover,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is A Substitute For Fingernail Polish Remover. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Homemade Fingernail Polish Remover,too. Read more as following:

You can make an all natural form of fingernail polish right in the comfort of your home. You will need alkanet root, olive oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E. oil. You must use a boiler to heat up the olive oil and alkanet. After these ingredients are warm remove from heat and set aside for five minutes. Strain the mixture through a mesh strainer and add beeswax until it is melted. Next add the Vitamin E oil and remove from boiler.

How to remove fingernail polish?

Video Transcript. Have you ever considered changing the look of your fingernails? Hi, I'm beauty artist, Jackie O, and today we will discover how to remove fingernail polish from natural nails to give you another look. You want to first consider usin... More »

How to make fingernail polish remover?

1. Slide on Latex gloves, a dust mask and safety glasses to protect skin, lungs and eyes during the mixing process. 2. Add the acetone and ethyl acetate to a clean mason jar. Stir the mixture with a tongue depressor until the ingredients are thorough... More »

What is a substitute for fingernail polish remover?

Ironically, nail polish remover is also an ingredient in nail polish. So, if you apply a fresh coat of polish to your polished nails, the hardened polish already on your nails should start to dissolve and you can wipe it off with a cottonball. Most n... More »

How to remove fingernail polish in hair?

1. Dampen a clean cloth or cotton ball with nail polish remover. 2. Separate the section of your hair that has nail polish in it from the rest of your hair. 3. Wipe the dampened cloth or cotton ball over the affected area of hair until you can see th... More »

What will take fingernail polish out of clothes?

It's difficult to get nail polish out of clothes. Try using bug spray...... More »

How to remove fingernail polish stains?

1. Protect the surface you work on with an old towel. towel image by Alison Bowden from Lay a clean, old towel down on your work surface. Use a towel that's old, in case any of the nail polish stain transfers to it. 2. Place the nail pol... More »


  1. Joseph Reply:

    I got fingernail polish on a really important piece of paper and I can’t get it off! I already tried to use a pencil eraser and then i also tried a little fingernail polish remover, it will not come off! Any ideas, plz help! =/

  2. Potato! Reply:

    It’s dried on, pink nail polish. I tried fingernail polish remover and resolve after. No good. I hope I didn’t make it worse. Any suggestions?

  3. Toxic Reply:

    Little sister spilled some fingernail polish on a finished hardwood floor. The big chunks came off but the smears aren’t. We can’t use fingernail polish remover because it will ruin the floors. help please

  4. Paper Reply:

    My friend paints her cell phone with fingernail polish and then just takes it off with fingernail polish remover, but I don’t know if it would be okay on an ipod. I have a silver 2 gb ipod.

  5. Spider Pig Reply:

    My daughter just spilled blue fingernail polish all over the carpet. I mean a lot. I tried fingernail polish remover, but that didn’t help. HELP!!!

  6. Karz91 Reply:

    I spilled dark purple fingernail polish on the carpet not to long ago. My carpet is a dark-ish green and I’m afraid that using fingernail polish remover will bleach it. Can anyone help?

  7. Adri Reply:

    I accidental spilled some fingernail polish on the carpet. I tried fingernail polish remover to take away some of the color. I heard Hydrogen Peroxyde works, is this true?

    Any tips or something else that I can use.

  8. Jim Reply:

    Its been there for about a week. I don’t think fingernail polish remover is gonna do the trick.

  9. Derpina Reply:

    Is it possible to get off fingernail polish without fingernail polish remover? I would like an answer to this as soon as possible.
    How do I get the fingernail polish out of the tight spots on my nails? Toothpicks don’t work.

  10. Nic Reply:

    I used this ‘Pure Ice’ brand of fingernail polish and for the life of me, fingernail polish remover wont take it off. It’ll chip off, but won’t come off with polish remover.. ungh.. Oh, and I’m using Sally Hansen Kwik Off

  11. Jackson Reply:

    I painted my nails and i kind of missed the nail in a few places- how can I get it off with out fingernail polish remover?

  12. Vicky Reply:

    HELP!!! I’ve already tried fingernail polish remover and oxyclean (usually works if the paint is still a little wet) The carpet doesn’t have any padding if that makes a difference.

  13. Corey Reply:

    I have thought about fingernail polish remover but am afraid it will stain worse any Idea.
    I want to thank you all for your answers,all of you have been a great deal of help,THANKS!

  14. Karin<3 Reply:

    i accidently got finger nail polish remover on my laptop cover and it stained there how do i get the stain off of there.So someone please help me thank, and mylaptop cover is black and i can see the stain. I just need to know how do i remove the fingernail polish remover stain.


  15. Vanessa Medina Reply:

    Lately I’ve really had the urge to get myself high on fingernail polish remover HOW??

  16. Wendy Reply:

    My sister left the bottle of fingernail polish off, and it spilled on my carpet. I didn’t realize this until the next morning. It is dried on the carpet, and I don’t have fingernail polish remover?! What else gets it out!! Every answer will be appreciated.

  17. Zak Reply:

    What type of fingernail polish remover should I use to remove polish from gel nails? Acetone or non-acetone?

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