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How do I Bring Out my Blue Eyes With Eye Makeup

You may have such questions as Which Makeup Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop and How To Apply Makeup For Blue Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Choose Makeup For Blue Eyes. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Eye Makeup Tricks,too. Read more as following:

To bring out your blue eyes with eye makeup you should use brown eyeliner. Eye shadow colors that work are brown, rose, peach, gold, silver, lavender and violet. Play around a bit with those colors to see what would work best for you. For mascara, you would use a brown color as well.

How to apply makeup for blue eyes?

1. Cover your eyelids with a base coat. Try a white cream rather than powder. Use your fingertip to apply the base. The base will help the remainder of your eye makeup adhere. 2. Select three shades of powdered eyeshadow. Pick dark, medium and light... More »

How to choose makeup for blue eyes?

Video Transcript. Very pretty. Okay, hi! We're here experimenting with a bunch of colors to help enhance eyes, so today we're going to show you how to enhance your blue eyes. Now, first thing is, remember, when applying eyeshadow, you want to start o... More »

How to bring out blue eyes?

1. Wear eye makeup that brings out blue eyes. Eye shadow in shades of orange, such as peach, coral and copper all complement your eye color and make the blue shade stand out more. 2. Wear colors that coordinate with your hair, makeup and clothes. For... More »

What makeup colors bring out blue eyes?

To specifically make your blue eyes bold, I suggest colors such as: browns, gr.... More »

What eye makeup will bring out your blue eyes?

Dark blues, violets, and browns are a blue eyed girl's best friend.... More »


  1. Authorjw Reply:

    I need some ideas for eye makeup. I have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. If you have any ideas and you could show me step by step how to do it, it would help alot! Thanks!

  2. Ladyboo Reply:

    I have medium brown hair, and a fair colored skin tone with blue/green eyes. What makeup would bring out the best look for my face? What are some suggestions with eyeshadow colors for me?

  3. Rebecka Reply:

    The colors bring out her blue eyes well, so I figured I could make a few adjustments to bring out my green eyes. How could I do my makeup like that? And maybe tone it down a little for normal days?

  4. Barish Reply:

    I usually wear like black or dark brown eye liner and black mascara. Sometimes I’ll use some goldish/brown eye shadow. I have kinda dark blue eyes and I was wondering what makeup tricks could make them look a little lighter/brighter? Thanks!

  5. Justin Mendoza Reply:

    I have blue eyes, blonde hair and I really want to try something new with my makeup. Something that will really bring my eyes out. Any suggestions?

  6. Shannon Callah Reply:

    Hey everyone, I have big blue eyes and I have been struggling to figure out which eye make-up looks bring out blue eyes. Any ideas?

  7. Ccgirl Reply:

    what colors and Technics can i use to bring out my blue eyes?

  8. Doctor Reply:

    I usually just wear brownish/ black mascara and brown MAC eyeliner but im looking for something new.
    Any eyeshadow you would recommend?
    Any amazing mascara that would bring out my blue eyes?
    Any other special tips?

  9. Memo Reply:

    I have extremely light blue eyes (almost gray) with dark blue rings around them. I have dirty blonde hair & fair skin with a bunch of dark freckles. What would be the best eye makeup for me? (:

    Please & thankyou. 10 points for best answer

  10. Mystacall Reply:

    I rarely take pictures of myself for fb, but I am this weekend. Any way I can bring out my blue eyes WITHOUT MAKEUP?? Angles?? Lighting??? Flash?? No flash?? Clothes??
    Thanks xx also, tips for taking a good picture in general would be great too! (:
    I said WITHOUT MAKEUP =3=

  11. My Horse Trudy Reply:

    I have really blue eyes, but I don’t know what kind of eye makeup I should use to make them stand out more.

  12. Abby Reply:

    I have blue eyes and I was wondering what kind of eye makeup would make them stand out more? Including what colors of products. Thanks :)

  13. Heather White Reply:

    How should I do my eye makeup to bring out my blue eyes?
    here is my eye
    all I am wearing is mascara in this
    but what other eye make-up can I wear to ya know…make them look good?

  14. Armand Reply:

    What is the best eye makeup combination to bring out pale blue/grey eyes?

  15. Kallie Reply:

    I have light skin and light blue eyes, with black hair, what eye makeup do u think would look good?

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