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How do I Make my Own Lipgloss

You may have such questions as How To Make Your Own Lipgloss and How To Make Your Own Tinted Lipgloss,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make Your Own Lipgloss From Vaseline. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Lipgloss Lyrics,too. Read more as following:

We made some lip gloss at a child’s birthday party recently. They used spoons of petroleum jelly in a small paper cup. This was mixed with a spoon of dry kool aid. Then it was heated in the microwave for about fifteen seconds, stirred and put in a small container with a lid. This made a tasty, safe to eat lip gloss for girls.

How to make your own lipgloss?

1. Find a small container with a lid. You will need this to put your lipgloss/lipbalm recipe in. 2. Pour 1 teaspoon of. honey. in the container. 3. Break open a couple vitamin E capsules and add it to the honey. 4. Apply a teaspoon of coconut oil, ol... More »

How to make your own tinted lipgloss?

1. Cut 10 to 12 ripe, large strawberries into slices with a sharp knife. Place the strawberry slices into a plastic bowl. 2. Lay a piece of cheesecloth onto the kitchen table or counter. Set the strawberry slices into the center of the cheesecloth. 3... More »

How to make your own lipgloss from vaseline?

1. Get your ingredients ready. Get your ingredients ready. 2. Using the spoon, scoop some Vaseline into the makeup container. Using the spoon, scoop some Vaseline into the makeup container. 3. Using the end of the spoon, scrape the eyeshadow of your... More »

How to customize your lip color (make your own lipgloss?

1. Onto a mixing plate, squeeze out a drop or two of clear gloss. MAC, Bobbi Brwon, and OCC make really great long-lasting ones which really pack on the shine. Any clear gloss would do really. However, these are typically the brands that many makeup... More »

How to make your very own lipgloss with kool aid?

1. Get pre-sweetened Kool Aid of your chosen color and flavor, small container ( for the gloss) petroleum jelly, a spoon and a small, microwaveable bowl. 2. Put as much petroleum jelly as you want into the small bowl. The amount of petroleum jelly yo... More »

What is the record for the most owned lip-glosses?

Jessica has a collection of of over 500 chap sticks and lip glosses...... More »


  1. Rye Reply:

    I bought a lip gloss from Sephora today, “Brilliant a levres”, and it smells horrible. Like its spoiled or something. Is it possible maybe its own smell is bad and its not spoiled? Or bad smells means that it is spoiled?
    And I really want to use this, what happens if I keep using?


  2. Kalley Reply:

    Which do you prefer guys, clear lipgloss or coloured lipstick on a woman?

  3. Rambabu26 D Reply:

    I’ve been thinking about making some homemade lipgloss or lipsticks. Has anyone ever tried this? Do you need to buy certain products?

  4. Carrie Reply:

    Technically its clear mascara and clear lipgloss. Should i drop the mascara? My mom approves but i just want your opinions. Thx.

  5. Big Nasty Boomer Reply:

    I know there is a YOUTUBE video on it, but I don’t use youtube.

    Give me instructions please!

    Btw, I have cracked purple eyeshadow which I will use.


  6. Addy W Reply:

    I want to start my own bussiness and I have to start my own company for civics class

  7. Sam Rodriguez Reply:

    How do you make your own makeup simply with things you can find at home?

  8. Darqsnow Reply:

    My holy grail lip color shine gloss was discontinued and I was SO disappointed about it. I was wondering if I could make my own that way?

  9. Kim Snitch Reply:

    I start school on wednesday. I already own mascara, lipgloss, eyeliner, ect. But I don’t use it for school. I used it for like weddings/reunions. How do I tell my mum I wanna wear it to school? I’m 14. The only time I’m really going to be alone with her is tomorrow on our way to the salon.

  10. Wes T Reply:

    Im going to try to make my own lip gloss and maybe sell it if it becomes a success. I just need help figuring out where to get the empty lip-gloss tubes, what ingredients i need and how to make it. Thanks!

  11. Cheya Reply:

    ive always wanted to make my own lip gloss and i dont know how to and i only want to use stuff at home.

  12. Theresa C Reply:

    I’m planning a spa/beauty birthday party for my soon to be 12 year old girl. Is making their own lipgloss and facials a good idea? if so, do you have any good reciped for that?

  13. A Concerned Citizen Reply:

    I want to make my own lipgloss . i have made some before , but iforgot the ingredients :/ . sooo , helpp? & flavorred lips gloss only (:

  14. Cyril Jed Reply:

    I want to try to make my own lipgloss. . .

  15. Armywife2010 Reply:

    I need to make my own lipgloss for a projecta nd I don’t know how and i DON’T WANT a recipe that has like almond oil or olives in it cuz some other peeps told me those!! I need to know how!

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