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How do U Make Lip Gloss

You may have such questions as How Is Lip Gloss Made and What Is Lip Gloss Made Of,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented Lip Gloss. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Recipes to Make Lip Gloss,too. Read more as following:

Lip gloss is simply a mixture of beeswax oil and flavoring. Almond oil works great for lip gloss. Choose a flavoring and perhaps a coloring and pour your mixture into little glass jars.Take four ounces of almond oil, one half ounce of beeswax beads and melt in the microwave. When melted, stir and add flavoring.

How is lip gloss made?

Answer this was mainly made by coconut oil... More »

What is Lip Gloss Made of?

Lip gloss use to be made with whale blubber and oil, but not today. Lip gloss is made of wax and certain oils that help your skin. The wax is tinted with a color pigment in order to give it its shade.... More »

Who invented lip gloss?

Lip gloss was invented by Max Factor in 1930. His reason for this was to make lips glossy or shiny for films. Max Factor inventions include lipstick and the mascara wand. All of these inventions became common items in purses throughout the world as m... More »

What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a shiny, usually liquid gloss used to make lips shiny, colored, and/or soft. There are plumping kinds too, but they have temporary effects. It can be applied with a wand, brush, or finger.... More »

How to Make Lip Gloss?

You can make lip gloss by taking your favorite lip stick and mix it with vaseline. This is great if you have a broken lip stick or lip stick that is almost gone and stuck at the bottom of the tube.... More »

What is in Lip Gloss?

Oil and coloring is in lip gloss. This helps to keep the lips nice and shiny and also the lips will be given a color as well. I love wearing lip gloss.... More »


  1. Arabella Reply:

    I have a white sweatshirt that recently got pinkish lip gloss (some kid wiped it on me)on the sleeve. It says on the tag that it should not be bleached. How can i get the stain out? thanks!

  2. Fern Reply:

    I prefer lip gloss over lipstick, however I always find the lip gloss i use are really sheer on my lips, which is okay since they’re pretty pigmented naturally, but I was hoping for a more intense color for a dramatic look. Any suggestions?

  3. Lauren Evans Reply:

    I am a teenager and I love wearing lip gloss. But it wears out a few minutes after application. Due to which I am compelled to apply and re-apply. How do I make it last for long hours?
    Please help!

  4. Mr.d Reply:

    my daughter had a thing of lip gloss in her pocket and i washed it and it is all over our clothes looks like the clothes are wet in places but they arent it is clear lip gloss! how do i get this out? i have already washed and dried them with detegent and i bout some oxy clean any other ideas?

  5. Gibbon82 Reply:

    I got some lip gloss in my sweatshirt’s pocket, and I had just got the sweatshirt for Christmas any ideas on how to remove the lip gloss.
    Oh and the sweatshirt is 72% cotton and
    28% polyester.

  6. J A Reply:

    In your opinion, what do you think is the best lip gloss out in the shops at the moment? Which stay on for the longest? What do you think?

  7. Bill Gates Reply:

    They have that skin color lip gloss that appeals to me very much. Wondering what it is. Perhaps its lip balm or something.

  8. Peaceout777 Reply:

    I want to know how you make homemade lip gloss or lip balm with some household everday ingredients. Thanks!
    Do you have to use vasoline, is there anything that you can use as a substitute? Thanks!!

    And thanks for all the great answers so far!

  9. Ashraf Reply:

    There was a new lip gloss that came out that gives lips a shiny wet look, but since I don’t know the name what other lip glosses have a lot of shine.

  10. Watden Reply:

    Every day my lip gloss, no matter how heavily applied, fades off. Not even halfway through the day. Any ideas that might keep it on a little longer?

  11. Sarah Reply:

    What lip gloss and mascara from experience do you recommend?

  12. Alanna Reply:

    Whenever I wear lip gloss, it always comes off within a half an hour and makes my lips really dry. Is there anything that I can do that will make that stop?

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