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How do You Put on Liquid Eyeliner

You may have such questions as How To Put On Liquid Eyeliner and How to Use Liquid Eyeliner,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Put On Liquid Eyeliner Emo Style. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Liquid Eyeliner Applying,too. Read more as following:

To apply liquid eyeliner you must first be sure that the eye area is clean. Then you take the eyeliner and with a few fingers hold the eyelid and line the eyeliner just below the inside of the eyelid. To apply to the top of the eye make a straight line across the eye above the lid.

How to put on liquid eyeliner?

Just YouTube It cause it's to hard to explain... More »

How to use liquid eyeliner?

I used to have the same problem as you, but I found out a cool trick that will help you apply your liquid eye liner easily. All you need is an eye liner pencil and your liquid liner. Just Apply a pencil eyeliner on your top lid, and then when you ach... More »

How to put on liquid eyeliner emo style?

Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Chantelle Tarride, professional makeup artist. Today, I'll be showing how to apply emo makeup using liquid eyeliner. The only step you'll really need to use is just your basic liquid eyeliner. This one that I chose today has... More »

How to put liquid eyeliner on lower lid?

1. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to upper eyelids and allow to dry. 2. Steady your hand by touching your finger or hand to your face. 3. Beginning in the outer corner, sweep eyeliner under lashes in smooth, even strokes. 4. Smudge eyeliner with the ti... More »

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Creating bold, dramatic eyes can be as easy as correctly applying liquid eyeliner. To enhance your eyes and stand out in the crowd, follow five simple steps to apply liquid eyeliner like a professional makeup artist. 1. Prep Prep the eyelids with a l... More »

Where put liquid eyeliner?

Start with the top lid. With a light touch, apply the liner starting at the inside corner a...... More »


  1. Theaterprincess1023 Reply:

    I don’t want to take to much time on putting liquid eyeliner! I only have about 3 minutes to do my makeup. But, it takes forever to apply liquid liner when my eyelashes are naturally curled and they get in the way! Help?! What should I do?

  2. Arely Diaz Reply:

    When i put liquid eyeliner on my eyes, it hurts a little and it itches. But after like 10 minutes. I am fine again.
    And when i wear pencil eyeliner or cream eyeliner, it doesn’t hurt.

    Should i continue wearing liquid eyeliner?

  3. Tracy Reply:

    Do you put liquid eyeliner before or after you apply your fake lashes on. Also, my real lashes are straight and they go down do I need to wear mascara?

  4. Thezombiewarrior!! Reply:

    Whenever I put liquid eyeliner on, it looks weird. But I see my friends and theirs looks great. Does it have to dry a while before it looks good?
    The eyeliner I use isn’t a felt tip…. Do felt tips make it easier and more smooth?

  5. Serenityann Reply:

    whenever i put Liquid eyeliner on it always goes in my eyes. but i just keep blinking and it goes away? if these keeps happening will it damage my eyes?

  6. Sky Reply:

    just wondering how to put on top liquid eyeliner, like what would be the easiest way, with best results?!

  7. Lian Reply:

    I have naturally long and curly lashes. I don’t curl them or put mascara before I put on eyeliner. They always get in the way when I’m trying to put liquid eyeliner. It always end up touching my lashes and it gets clumpy and it’s hard to take off my lashes. Help? Any tips?

  8. Hayley Reply:

    I really want a simple cross tattoo on my forearm..if I cut the cross then put liquid eyeliner in it..what would happen ? Would it turn out ? One of my friends did it with pen ink and it turned out ok but got infected

  9. I Love Tylerbee Reply:

    I’m always having trouble putting liquid eyeliner on my left eye. It’s fine on my right eye. I am a right handed tho. i’m asian and if the eyeliner weird on my left eye it just doesn’t look good. Any tips?

  10. Rose Reply:

    I put liquid eyeliner on the bottom eye lid. I will put it on in the morning before school, but then towards the end of school its like almost off. Why is that? Is there a way i can stop that???
    PENCIL doesnt come off on my bottom eye lid:/

  11. Pedobear Reply:

    I seem to put on liquid eyeliner but doesn’t go on all the way it is blotchy…..

  12. James M Reply:

    When I put on liquid eyeliner on the top I get in in my eyelashes and it makes them all clumpy/: How do I make it so that, that^^ doesn’t happen?

  13. Jill Gardner Reply:

    I am 13 and i am going away soon and i need to no how to put liquid eyeliner on so i dont hurt my eyes plz any advice would really help thanks….

  14. Mlefev Reply:

    Ya know the thing on your bottom lid above your bottom lashes. ya knowww. can i put liquid eyeliner there or will it get in my eye?

  15. Lorena Cuahutle Reply:

    How do you put liquid eyeliner on your top eye-lid? Everytime i try i like poke my self in the eye! Please help!

  16. Sabrina Baker Reply:

    I have this little sty on my bottom lid, and I’ve been having it for about 2 days already. I already got the ointments and all, but since I’m going back to school tomorrow, can I at least put liquid eyeliner on the top lid?

  17. Ataru Moroboshi Reply:

    When ever I put liquid eyeliner on my top lid, it ALWAYS is messy, and goes all over my lashes. How can I apply it so it does not? And in all the videos I’ve watched nobody seems to have a problem with this!!

    :(… also… can u put liquid liner on the water line?

  18. Megz Reply:

    i mean, where you usually put your pencil eyeliner on the bottom. Is it alright to put liquid eyeliner there instead? or will it like run into your eye or something?

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