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How does Nail Polish Stay on

You may have such questions as What Brand of Nail Polish Lasts the Longest and What Ingredients Make Nail Polish Stay on,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Makes Fingernail Polish Stay on. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Nail Polish Research,too. Read more as following:

From what I know nail polish will stay on if you apply a base coat. Once your base coat has dried you are free to apply your choice of polish. Allow your polish to dry and then apply a top coat.

What brand of nail polish lasts the longest?

Rimmel lasts weeks for me... More »

What makes fingernail polish stay on?

Chemists use a combination of ingredients, which may include nitrocellulose, tosylamide/formaldehyde resin (TSF resin), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor to make fingernail polish stay on the nails. The polymers nitrocellulose, and TSF resin work h... More »

Which nail polish lasts longest?

Some brands that work best are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, OPI, Essie, and Creative.... More »

How to make nail polish stay on

Nail polish is made from pigment and nitrocellulose which is mixed by a speed mill. The ending result is huge sheet block of the mixture that is broken in pieces and put in stainless steel kettles. It is mixed with a solvent which gives the.... http:... More »

How can you keep your nail polish from peeling?

Apply a nourishing base coat and two coats of polish,brush on a protective, chip resistant topcoat,& repeat this step every other day to keep your color sealed.... More »


  1. Hasib Mustafa Reply:

    Do you know how long green icing nail polish stays on??

  2. Bubblybubblaarrr Reply:


  3. Kewlioo101 Reply:

    It’s the stuff that you put onto your nails before you put the nail polish on and stops the colour of the nail polish staying onto your nails.

  4. Theresa C Reply:

    The nail polish on my toenails stays on longer than the nail polish on my fingernails.

  5. James M Reply:

    My black nail polish doesnt stay on for long not even a day or two at times and i dont know why, I usually apply 2 coats of it and then a clear coat to make it shine. Anyone can help :[ ??

  6. Die Potato Reply:

    Nail polish stays on better than it once did, but the drawback is that when I try to remove it with nail polish remover, it is stubborn. I can never get it completely off. What is a great remover?

  7. Tweety29 Reply:

    I’m doing a science project for school and I have to create my own nail polish with different wax/ nitrocellulous levels in order to see how long nail polish can stay on. Any suggestions on where I should start?

  8. Girlzy Reply:

    Ive got base and top coat, but what else do you need to put on for the nail polish to
    stay on for as long as possible? And what order does everything go on?

  9. Rose08 Reply:

    I always have been lucky and my nail polish stays on uber long, how can i get it off without the nail polish remover, but in a chep and easy way?

  10. Shiloh-lee Reply:

    out of 1, 2, or 3 coats which one will make nail polish stay on the longest?

  11. Mackenzie Rawr Reply:

    I love black nail polish for a background look for when I do designs. The nail polish I’ve been using (Sally Hansen Xtreme wear;black) And it just doesn’t stay on very well. They chip very easily. Do you know any black nail polish that stays on for more than 1 week?.

    Thanks so much.! :)

  12. Danny Reply:

    I was removing my nail polish and a little bit of nail polish stayed on my hands, i forgot to wash my hands and then i accidentely licked it, what would happen?

  13. Zoe Reply:

    Is there any special treatment that i should give to my nails so that the nail polish stays? How much time approximately will it take to dry because i hate sitting with my hands spread for hours doing nothing. Tips anyone?

  14. What The Smurf Reply:

    I do a base coat and top coat yet my nail polish chips the same day. Is there anything that will make the nail polish stay on for atleast a few days without chipping? Any ideas? Thanks!!
    I dont have the habit of biting my nails or fidgeting with them..

  15. Rambabu26 D Reply:

    When you paint your nails, on average, how many days does the nail polish stay on with no chips?

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