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How Old is Makeup

You may have such questions as How to Apply Makeup and What Is In Makeup,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Makeup. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Mac Makeup,too. Read more as following:

The invention of makeup was actually over two thousand years ago. Archaeologists have found evidence of makeup being used in Egypt. It was used for cosmetic and health purposes.

How to apply makeup?

Series Summary.... More »

What is in Makeup?

Pretty colors that make you face look pretty is what they use for makeup. There are different ingredients in every type of makeup, you just have to look on the back and find what they put in it.... More »

How to Makeup?

The easiest way to learn how to do makeup is by paying a visit to your nearest make-up counter, and have one of the trained sales associates give you a free make-up lesson. Another is by looking for make-up tips in various fashion and style magazines... More »

Who Invented Makeup?

The Ancient Egyptians left behind evidence that they may have used primitive makeup as far back as the 4th century BC. Researchers have found objects which appear to have been eye makeup.... More »

What is Makeup Made Out of?

Makeup can me made up of several different ingredients including rust and insects. This is mainly due to the bright colors often used in cosmetics. Presently, the use of animals and/or animal parts are frowned upon in the industry.//','_blank')" > More »

When was Makeup Invented?

Make up has been used throughout history and the exact invention date is unknown. Cleopatra used to draw eyeliner on her face by using pieces of sharp charcoal.... More »


  1. Gueroz28 Reply:

    I’ve lost the key to my old makeup box, it’s only a cheap simple lock, in there any way to pick the lock and get into the makeup box? I rather not wreak the box, ty.

  2. Candice Reply:

    i know it’s not good to use opened old makeup because of the bacteria.
    but is it ok to use unopened old makeup?

  3. Breanna Reply:

    Like how long should you keep using the same old makeup before it gets bad?
    how do you know when your makeup isn’t good anymore and you need to throw it away and get new makeup? like a year, 5 months what?

  4. Lauren Evans Reply:

    ok.. im so sick and tired of my old makeup! can you show me some inexpensive tips and products that could be good for a back to school makeover?

  5. Eisteddfod Flash Reply:

    Like how long should you keep using the same old makeup before it gets bad?
    how do you know when your makeup isn’t good anymore and you need to throw it away? like a year, 5 months what?

  6. Geckofrog Reply:

    I have some opened makeup products and was wondering what their shelf life is. By the way, is it bad for your skin to use old makeup? Anyway, I was wondering about mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, as well as facial cleansers and moisturizers. Thanks so much!

  7. Kenneth Reply:

    I’ve been sick of my old makeup and recently got a giftcard for target. I’ve decided to blow it all on makeup.

    What products would you recommend? I want good quality liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation.

  8. Ismael Ruiz Reply:

    I’ve been tanning a lot and my old makeup isnt my shade and I want some cute eyeshadow that isnt complete crap. Please help?

  9. Meggie Reply:

    I know old makeup isn’t good for your skin, but I have a container of mineral foundation that i’ve had for about a year now, and there’s still about half left. Is mineral makeup ok for long periods of time? I really don’t want to waste all of it, because it’s kind of expensive.

  10. Pink Reply:

    I have an old makeup case and it’s just silver and really plain. Any suggestions to make it more visually appealing eg badges etc?

  11. Just Curious Reply:

    I have a lot of old makeup that I hardly use and am wondering when I am supposed to get rid of it.

    Any suggestions? When do you get rid of old makeup?

  12. Ashlib Reply:

    I am due to throw out old makeup, especially foundations and mascaras. I recycle a lot in general, so I hate the thought of throwing glass or plastic bottles/jars in a standard rubbish bin. Is there ways to recycle them? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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